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A-Level Geography

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Geography is a fascinating subject which encompasses many different areas such as food, energy and population issues, climate and ecosystems, and globalisation and development. Learn how people interact with their physical environment while also potentially earning UCAS points for university.

The A-Level Geography course is divided in to four units. The AS section of the course covers Physical and Human Geography and Geographical Skills, and will require written examinations which count for 50% towards the final A-Level when combined. The A2 section, will make up the remainder of the overall A-Level, will discuss Contemporary Geographical Issues and either Geography Fieldwork Investigation or Geographical Issue Evaluation.

This course is conveniently designed for distance learning, so you can work whenever and from wherever you would like. All of your course materials will be delivered to your door and you will have access to full tutor support via e-mail. Your course pack will include self-assessment exercises and tutor-marked questions, enabling you to monitor your progress.

You will have 24 months to complete the full A-Level. This is much more time than you need, so that you can study at your own pace without the pressure of tight deadlines. Once you have successfully completed the examinations you will receive an A-Level in Geography.


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What you'll learn on the course

Human Geography
Plate Tectonics
Cold Environments
Coastal Environments
Food Supply Issues
Energy Issues
Sampling Techniques
Geographical Questions
World Cities
Contemporary Conflicts

Course programme

Course Content:

AS Level

Unit 1:Physical and Human Geography

  • River, floods and management
  • Cold environments
  • Coastal environments
  • Hot deserts and their margins
  • Population change
  • Food supply issues
  • Energy issues
  • Health Issues

Unit 2:Geographical Skills

  • Identifying geographical questions and issues
  • Selection and collection of quantitative and qualitative evidence
  • Sampling techniques
  • Primary (fieldwork) and secondary resources
  • Graphical data presentation and analysis
  • Drawing appropriate conclusions
  • Using databases and geographical information systems

A2 Level

Unit 3:Contemporary Geographical Issues

  • Plate tectonics and associated hazards
  • Weather and climate and associated hazards
  • Ecosystems: change and challenge
  • World cities
  • Development and globalisation
  • Contemporary conflicts and challenges

Unit 4:Geography Fieldwork Investigationor Geographical Issue Evaluation

Students will have the option in this final unit either to carry out a fieldwork investigation of a particular issue covered on the COURSE, or to evaluate a geographical issue or situation using information provided in advance of the exam.

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