A Level Pure Mathematics

Learning at Home

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Important information

  • A Level
  • Distance Learning
  • 200 hours of study

There are 3 modules at AS level: MPC1, MPC2 and MFP1. and 3 at A2 level: MPC3, MPC4 and MFP3.
Suitable for: This course is suitable for all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Important information

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· Requirements

To take an A Level you should have a GCSE grade C or above, or the equivalent and preferably in your chosen subject.

Course programme

The course builds on work covered in GCSE Maths at Higher Level.

You need to be familiar with all the mathematics at this level, and your skills should be at least up to Grade B standard. If you have not studied maths for some time, it would be advisable to brush up your skills by revising some of the Higher Level GCSE topics. One way to do this is on the BBC website "GCSE Bitesize" which provides an interactive revision programme.

This A level course is designed for students working at home. The topics are presented in small "chunks" with worked examples followed by activities for the student. Revision tests are provided after every three or four sections, and there is a Test Paper at the end of each module, which is a mock exam, so you should revise the content of the module before you do the Test Paper.

You will need a graphics calculator, but you will also need to be skilled in manipulating numbers without using a calculator. In particular, no calculator is allowed in the exam for the first module, and the work in this module is built around working out answers without a calculator.

The course is self-contained; you can learn everything you need by working through the materials provided.

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