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Better Bow Hunting


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Typology Workshop
Methodology Online
Class hours 24h
Duration 4 Weeks
  • Workshop
  • Online
  • 24h
  • Duration:
    4 Weeks

Today, bowhunting ranks higher in participation than almost any other form of hunting, after whitetail gun hunting!  Our course is compiled with the very best tips and strategies, that give insights on critical gear, shooting advice, bowhunting techniques, and tons of helpful hints for in-the-field archery success.  Our Better Bow Hunting course takes a straightforward approach and highlights everything you can do to get more out of your archery products.  We include real-life situations and also give tips as to what gear can help you archery experience.

Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

After completing this course, you should be able to: •Identify the building blocks of accurate bow shooting •Recall the safety basics and design of bowhunting •List the accessories that suit your needs and style •Define the steps to better bowhunting

· Who is it intended for?

The course is aimed at anybody interested in bow hunting.

· Requirements

No prior qualification required. However, you will need basic IT skills and a computer with internet connection to take part in this course.

· Qualification

You get an IACET endorsed printable certificate on passing the final quiz and scoring 80% plus marks.

· What marks this course apart?

It is a Outdoor Sports instructor led course with access to the program for 4 weeks. It is a brand new course and therefore features the very latest in this subject area. It has been created by experienced and highly skilled training professionals. Hundreds of students have attended it through our virtual corridors, many of whom have gone on to be effective professionals in this sector.

· What happens after requesting information?

On receiving your request a course advisor from Ed-Next will contact your through email or telephone to explain everything about this course, including how you can sign up, payment options and enrolment periods.


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What you'll learn on the course

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Course programme

Better Bow Hunting Module 1
Basics of Bowhunting to Broadheads

Module one will look practicing sight pins at 20 to 50 yards and the importance of learning how to shoot at long distances; even if you never actually have to shoot that far. We will also look at the bowhunter’s debate of taking shots and the many sets of problems that one must overcome when shooting the bow. Additionally, module one will examine the top reasons archers miss a shot and tips on how to not repeat the same error twice.

  • Why You Need a 40-Yard Pin
  • Long Shots vs. Flyers
  • 5 Reasons We Miss Slam-Dunks
  • Shoot a Heavy Arrow
  • Broadhead Targets

Better Bow Hunting Module 2
Safety Basics and Design

Moving in to module two, we will look at how to make repairs in the field; leading to a longer, better hunt! We will also examine some of the safety basics of bowhunting and how to become a more confident shot. Module two concludes with the different broadhead designs, comparisons, and how to make the determination if yours is the right weight.

  • Field Repairs Can Save Your Hunt
  • Craft Shooting Lanes for Success
  • No Excuses-Wear a Harness!
  • Is Your Broadhead Too Light?
  • Short Broadheads: Pros and Cons

Better Bow Hunting Module 3
Choosing the Right Pieces

Module three will take a look at some accessories needed to become a more accurate shot. We will look at rangefinders and how to choose the right one for you. Another item up this week is modifying your bow to suit your needs and style. After looking at accessories, we will explore how to quickly check and repair your bow so that you can have silence with your archery experience.

  • Rangefinders: Beyond the Basics
  • Choosing a Release for String Loops
  • Examining Modern Split-Limb Bows
  • Shoot You Shoot a Shorter Vane?
  • Silence is Golden. . . and Cheap

Better Bow Hunting Module 4
Perfecting your Bow-and-Arrow Setup

In module four students will look at compound bow pins and functions of brace heights. Also included in module for is the pros and cons of peep sights and aperture sizes. Peep placement can be crucial to accuracy, so it is important to learn the correct locations of its position. Module four will also examine how to create a better bow and the small set of tools you should invest in. Strings must transfer energy efficiently. This week we will end with the tips you need to create excellent bowstrings which is a very important piece of your bow-and-arrow setup.

  • Set Your Sights on Simplicity
  • Why Brace Height Matters
  • The Practical Little Bow Peep
  • You Can Build a Better Arrow
  • It’s All About the String

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