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To help make it easier for you to make sense of what is going on, and what you learn on the course gives you the motivation to complete your studies without having to struggle to understand all of the theory that would have taken you many months to figure out without really knowing if you are doing something the right or wrong way.
Suitable for: If you have little experience in I.T. If you have zero experience in Networking. You were intending to take the Comp TIA Network+

Important information

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Trigate 210-222 Hagley Road West Quinton, B68 0NP, West Midlands, England
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665 North Circular Road, nw2 7ax, London, England
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Sentinel House, Peel Street, Eccles, M30 0NJ, Lancashire, England
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Course programme

Commsupport was established in January 2007 providing one CCNA per month delivered over weekends from Joe's home were he taught classes from the "Garden Shed" at the end of his garden, you could say that we are a real "grass roots company" heh, heh.

Commsupport is different from all the other training companies because from the day we started we strove to be different to offer our students the best possible training experience in the classroom, read the list of firsts that we pioneered to the left

We currently run more scheduled CCNA classes per month than any other training company, twice as many than our nearest competitor, how did we go from being a small outfit in a back garden to a well respected national company renowned for delivering real network engineering courses?, well other than our affordable prices we did it on the back of quality, professionalism and generally being a jolly nice bunch of people to deal with.

Apart from Joe, all of our instructors are full time network engineers when not teaching for commsupport.

Cisco CCNA

Get yourself onto the Super 12 day Cisco CCNA training course and start your networking career with the best network engineering course possible

Another Commsupport 1st! We are the first training company in the world to offer the CCNA as a 12 day course. Not even Cisco themselves do it, not even the great & the good "Cisco Learning Partners" do it!

No experience, no knowledge in networking, don't know where to start, then the 12 day CCNA course is for you.

First of all to answer the most frequently asked question, "What's the difference between your 6 day CCNA course and your new Super 12 day CCNA course"?

Well, Our 6 day CCNA Course is a very popular and comprehensive accelerated means of getting through all of the complex theory and practical's in the most convenient possible time scale.

But, our Super 12-Day CCNA course is designed for people who really want to break into networking but have zero, zero, zero Networking experience within this area and are finding it a challenge to understand the complex topics simply from self study.

The Super 12-Day CCNA courses help make it easier for you to make sense of what is going on, and what you learn on the course gives you the motivation to complete your studies without having to struggle to understand all of the theory that would have taken you many months to figure out without really knowing if you are doing something the right or wrong way, plus when you are confident you can always come back on the free retrain which we offer to consolidate your knowledge and hone your skills prior to taking the CCNA exam.

You start from the beginning at day 1 with Zero and emerge day 12 as a network engineer.

During the 120 hours you will spend with us is spent working on the equipment in the classroom, valuable practical hand-ons on which is backed up with theory, demonstrations, and our famous and grueling break-fix sessions pioneered in the industry by us along with thorough explanations at the end of every lab session.

With 120 hours of Networking instruction you are guaranteeing yourself a better chance of greater career prospects and exam success!!

FREE Cisco network simulator when you book onto the Cisco CCNA course, load it onto your laptop and hone your networking skills at home and then come to the classroom to work with the real stuff.

We take the CCNA and we improve on it and add topics that real network engineers experience in the real world, but still cover the required topics to pass the CCNA exam if that is your intention.

Who Should Attend the 12 day course:

1. If you have little experience in I.T

2. If you have zero experience in Networking

3. You were intending to take the Comp TIA Network+

On our course you will receive...

When you come on the Super 12 day CCNA course you receive:

12 days intensive hands-on Cisco CCNA training 8:30 am until 6:30 pm x 12 that’s 120 hours training, flying schools turn out pilots in less amount of time!!! (although the finish time is set for 6:30pm, the classes do tend to continue until the topics have been covered the labs and break/fixing have been completed, this course is not rushed, we finish when we finish!).

Sybex Cisco Manuals written by Todd Lammell, great books! We stopped using Cisco Press Manuals since Cisco decided that they were not rich enough added another 30% to the prices, we have now moved, the Cisco Press and Sybex manuals are very alike in quality, just that sybex are a lot better priced, so we pay less so that you pay less too, it's a matter of price.

Exclusive access to telephone and E-mail support before, during and after your course for up to a year.

Re-training for free, if you feel you need more time and instruction, you can come back onto the course for free (Subject to availability and conditions)

Each student has their own Cisco lab equipment in the classroom (no sharing with other students), We are the only training company in Europe to offer this!! Each student works with 6 devices

Learn real world scenarios in the labs, instructors will bring their real world experiences into the classroom so you learn, the "Why", "When", "What"

Learn how to really fault find networks, “We break ‘em,you fix ‘em”, the 1st and only school in Europe to offer the break fix sessions as standard on every CCNA course.

You learn from the most highly qualified network engineers in the industry, all instructors are minimum Cisco CCNP (and up to CCIE) qualified and have many years experience in the field of teaching, designing, installing and configuring networks.

Free Additional CCNA course materials and manuals to complement the Recommended Sybex Course manual.

Free Router and Switch Command Configuration Guide.

Free Exam Questions, over 1000 CCNA test questions.

Free Phone and E-mail support for one year
after the course from your instructor.

After the course you will receive...

Post Telephone and E-mail support for a year after the course.

FREE RETRAIN OFFER Come back onto the CCNA course for free for as many times as you need to until you pass.

Course Content...

(At the start of every day there is an exam to test you on what you have learnt, and every morning there is a review session to test you on everything you have learnt on the previous days)


  • OSI Model
  • LAN and WAN Protocols
  • Understanding the LAN environment
  • Understanding Cabling Copper and Fibre
  • Understanding Ethernet
  • Understanding LAN and WAN network topologies


  • Understanding Cisco Hardware (both switches and routers)
  • Operating and Configuring Cisco IOS Devices
  • Password recovery
  • Recover the IOS image on Cisco Routers
  • IOS upgrades and downgrades
  • Managing Your Network Environment using CDP, Telnet and SSH
  • Configuring Catalyst Switch Operations


  • Understanding Switching and Bridging functions
  • Extending Switched Networks with VLANs, Localised, routed and campus wide VLANs
  • Configure Access VLAN
  • Configure Trunking
  • Configure Port Mirroring
  • Configure Management VLAN
  • Understanding and Configuring VTP in detail
  • Voice VLANs
  • Configuring VTP in detail
  • Configure VTP
  • Monitor VTP
  • Cause and effect with VTP
  • Eliminate VTP issues in a Network
  • Use VTP pruning
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs for VTP


  • Spanning tree STP, RSTP. PVST and Rapid PVST
  • Configuring STP priorities
  • Configuring Port Prioritize
  • Fail over on STP
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs for STP
  • Configuring RSTP priorities
  • Configuring Port Priorities
  • Fail over on RSTP
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs for RSTP
  • Create Broadcast storms on switched networks
  • Set Root Bridge priorities
  • HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol)
  • Configuring HSRP in a dual Core network
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs


  • EtherChannels
  • Configuring Etherchannels LACP
  • Configuring Etherchannels PagP
  • Fault finding Etherchannels
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs
  • Protecting the switched environment
  • Using Spanning BPBU guard
  • Using Spanning BPDU Root Guard
  • Using Spanning Tree Uplink fast
  • Using UDLD
  • Using DHCP snoop
  • Use Storm protection


  • VLSM
  • CIDR


  • IP Version 6
  • Wireless
  • SDM
  • Using PPP authentication across serial links
  • Understand Point to Point encapsulation
  • Understand HDLC encapsulation
  • Configure and fault find PPP authentication
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs
  • Routing principles
  • RIP


  • Configuring EIGRP Timers
  • Configuring EIGRP across LAN links
  • Configuring EIGRP across Serial links
  • Configuring load balancing
  • Configuring Successor and Feasible successors
  • Understanding and manipulating EIGRP K values
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs


  • OSPF
  • Configuring DR and BDR election
  • Configuring OSPF across LAN links
  • Configuring OSPF across Serial links
  • Configuring load balancing
  • Configuring OSPF Authentication
  • Configuring Multiple area OSPF
  • Configuring Stub and Totally Stub Routers
  • Redistributing OSPF into EIGRP
  • Redistributing EIGRP into OSPF
  • Redistributing Static Routes
  • Redistributing Default Routes
  • Understanding and manipulating OSPF costs
  • Use and Understand the "Show and Debug" outputs

DAY 10

  • Managing IP Traffic with Access Lists, Standard and Extended
  • Configure Standard access-lists
  • Configure multiple extended and named access list
  • Understand and Configuring NAT and PAT
  • Configure Dynamic NAT
  • Configure Dynamic NAT with overload
  • Configure Overload

DAY 11

  • Establishing Frame Relay Connections
  • Configure Point to Point frame frame using Inverse ARP
  • Configure Hub and Spoke Frame Relay using Frame relay Map Commands
  • Configure Hub and Spoke Frame Relay using Interface DLCI commands
  • Run OSPF across a Frame Relay network
  • Use and Understand Frame Relay "Show and Debug" outputs

DAY 12


On the super lab you will have 6 hours to build and configure a network of 5 routers and 4 switches, if you pass we will be prepared to act as a reference for you on any job application, since if you can pass our labs you can do it in the real world.

And above all you will get more hands on than you thought possible, lots of break / fix scenarios, once you have completed the labs exercises faults will be introduced into the lab for you to fix, we are the only training school to do this, why, because as engineers we will show you real-life faults that we see in the real world and then you have to fix them

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