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There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Course programme

Description:The purpose of this Course on dementia is to improve your clinical practice when working with people with dementia. It seeks to do this by considering seven distinct but interrelated areas that, collectively, will give you a greater degree of awareness of dementia and what you can do to help. These units seek to address the following questions:

  • What is it like for someone to have dementia?
  • What exactly is dementia?
  • What should our practice be like?
  • Can we communicate with people with dementia? If so, how?
  • What can we do to help people with dementia?
  • How can we help family and friends caring for a loved one with dementia?
  • What are the legal and ethical issues of working with people with dementia?
This Course is divided into seven units, each of which deals with a particular aspect of dementia. Each unit also addresses one or more of the Course learning outcomes so that when you have completed the entire Course you will have achieved all the Course learning outcomes as follows:

By the end of this Course you will be able to:

1. Examine critically the nature of the subjective experience of the person with dementia, and demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the importance of this as the necessary starting point for any consideration of dementia

2. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the nature of dementia from a bio-psycho-social perspective and evaluate the implications for your practice

3. Examine critically the concept of person-centred care within the work setting and its relevance to dementia care.

4. Demonstrate in-depth understanding and application of the importance of communication with people with dementia at varying stages of the illness

5. Examine critically the guidelines relating to the care and management of older adults with dementia, and consider the implications in relation to specific client groups, and local policy and practice pertaining to this, and make recommendations for your own local policy and practice based on your analysis

6. Demonstrate in-depth understanding and application of the importance of working with families and carers of people with dementia

7. Examine critically the legal and ethical contexts of caring for a person with dementia, and demonstrate in-depth understanding of the implications of these to your practice


Unit 1: The Subjective Experience of Dementia .

Unit 2: The Condition: What is Dementia? .

Unit 3: Care: Theory and Practice .

Unit 4: Communication and Dementia .

Unit 5: Context of Care: Interventions .

Unit 6: Carers: Working with Families .

Unit 7: Challenges: Legal and Ethical Issues .

What's Included
  • All study materials
  • Study Guide
  • Full Tutor and Admin support

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