Effective Communication and Inspirational Presentations

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In London, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and New York City (USA)

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• To increase impact of verbal communication in multiple and complex situations
• To give powerful, memorable and winning presentations in meetings, conferences and at pitch presentations
• To write effectively and productively with impact
• Application of NLP™ and Emotional Intelligence to self-development

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location Timetable
08 October 2017
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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30 May 2017
29 August 2017
27 November 2017
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, London, England
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On request
3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA, London, England
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11 September 2017
New York City
New York, USA
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Who is it intended for?

• Senior Directors who would like a refresher • Senior Managers who would like to develop their skills • Departmental Directors and Departmental Managers who would like to consolidate their knowledge • Those who deliver pitches and presentations to internal and external audiences • Team Leaders • Project Managers • Operations managers • Supervisors • Team members


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What you'll learn on the course

Communication Training
Verbal Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Effective Communication
Inspirational Presentations
Project Managers
Operations Managers
Verbal Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Written Communication Skills
Body Language
Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Course programme

Verbal Communication Skills

·Structure simple messages using appropriate language and delivery

·Listen attentively to ensure mutual understanding

·Generate productive and open discussions to solve problems

·Overcome the barriers to effective verbal communication

Presentation Skills

·Research the people in the audience and their objectives

·Approach, structure, content and methods to meet audience requirements

·Anticipate, prepare and practise answers to difficult questions and awkward questioners

·Overcome nerves, project your voice powerfully and keep audience attention

Written Communication Skills

·Win and keep readers’ attention

·Understand how people read and absorb written information

·Plan appropriate approach, structure, content, vocabulary and visuals

·Principles applied, including to reports, pitches, tenders, e-mails, websites, social media

Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

·What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™)?

·How does NLP™work?

·NLP™ for self-management and self-development

·Application of NLP™ to enhance performance of organisation, teams and individuals

Emotional Intelligence and Body Language

·Key principles, qualities and skills of Emotional Intelligence

·Application of EI to develop self, teams, individuals and respond to situations

·Sending the right messages through your non-verbal communication

·Interpreting the signals and gestures of body language of others

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