GCSE English West Yorkshire

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  • English
  • Classroom-based in West Yorkshire
England 142
West Yorkshire 3
  • All 3
  • Online/Distance 0
  • Classroom-based 3
  • Blended 0
  • Inhouse 0
  • All 43
  • Further Education 31
  • Course 10
  • Higher Education 2
  • Languages 5
  • English 3
  • French 1
  • Spanish 1
  • GCSE
  • Bradford

...Your GCSE English course is taught in the English Workshop teaching area. We offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening (except Friday)...

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  • GCSE
  • Alton, Hampshire

...English GCSE is a qualification that proves you have achieved a certain standard in speaking, reading and writing the English language. A grade C (or above) is required for most advanced or higher level courses in all subjects and many jobs. Is English GCSE suitable for me? Students enjoy taking... Learn about: English Language, Advanced English, English Conversation...

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  • GCSE
  • Alton, Hampshire
  • 1 Month

...Level: This is a Level 2 course. What is the English GCSE course? This English GCSE course is a one year Mature Syllabus course which is specially targeted at people who have left school. It is preferable for you to have already achieved a grade D in English GCSE before embarking... Learn about: English Language, Business English, Advanced English...

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...IGCSE English Language course is designed to facilitate development of a broad understanding of Written English principles and develop your ability to use linguistic approaches in your reading and interpretation of texts, you will deepen your understanding of the use of English Language and develop... Learn about: Interpreting texts, Poetic form, Researching texts...

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