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This Literature iGCSE course encourages students to understand how
narrative works.  You will examine some works of English literature and analyse the styles and techniques used by the authors.  You will
discover how central narrative is to the way literary texts work and
they are introduced to the different aspects of genre.  The course also considers different types of
critical approach and how texts can reflect different period and
cultural meanings.  You will develop skills of reading and
analysis of texts, and are encouraged to
undertake wider reading to aid understanding of the texts studied. You
will learn skills of effective and appropriate communication including
the ability to discuss the critical context of texts. .
Having an English Literature IGCSE is essential if you wish to study the subject at advanced level, and improves the analytical skills that are useful in many other subject areas and future employability..
On this course you will:.
Engage with a selection of prose, drama and poetry from around the worldDevelop an appreciation of the ways in which authors achieve their literary effectsExploring other cultures through literatureFind out how to get more out of a book or be introduced to literature you have not come across before.

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AO1:. A close knowledge and understanding of prose, poetry and drama texts and their contexts (20%). . AO2:. Understanding and appreciation of writersÕ uses of the following as appropriate: theme, characterisation, plot and setting (20%). . AO3: . Understanding of the writersÕ use of language, structure and form to create literary effects (30%). . AO4: . A focused, sensitive, lively and informed personal engagement with literary texts (30%). . The IGCSE English Literature examination requires you to read and respond to plays and novels. You will be expected to apply the skills developed in your reading and study to evaluate how the writers present elements like plot and structure, setting, style, characterisation and other important themes.. . .

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