Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology


Limkokwing University is an International University with global presence across 3 continents. With over 30,000 students coming from more than 150 countries, studying in its 12 campuses in Botswana, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malaysia, Swaziland and United Kingdom. The University has established worldwide recognition through its innovative brand of creative education.

Limkokwing University has a unique philosophy of Merging The Best of East and West, which allows its students to criss-cross nations and soak up experiences that strengthens their global knowledge and improves their cultural insights.

Since its inception, the university’s focus on Creativity & Innovation has enabled the students to think out of the box. With its different, innovative kind of learning concept The Global Classroom, global graduates are trained to tackle the challenges rise in this rapidly globalising world. Besides, the Industry Concept has created a special collaboration between academic and industry, thus industry within university.

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is the first Asian university to establish in the United Kingdom and the first Commonwealth University to establish in the United Kingdom. It is located in one of the most prestigious locations in London - Piccadilly overlooking Green Park which is adjacent to Buckingham Palace - the official London residence of HM Queen Elizabeth II.
Within 4 years we have established our campus at Mayfair and have a total of three hundred students on campus from 41 different countries. We are listed with the UKBA as ‘A’ rated sponsor for Tier 4 (General) Higher Education Institution under the point based system. We are accredited by ASIC and awarded a Premier Status. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology qualifications are internationally recognised and we are a member of UK NARIC.

Top courses

B Business (Hons) Business Administration course in London Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

...Bahasa Malaysia A/B Moral/Islamic studies Year 2 Semester 3 Semester4 Human Resource Management Organizational Behaviour Fundamental of Entrepreneurship... Learn about: Business and Administration, Business Development...

  • Bachelor's degree
  • London
  • 3 Years
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VAT exempt
BA (Hons) in Professional Design - Inhouse course Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

...there are tremendous opportunities for graphic design graduates. Graduates typically work as: Art Director. Design Manager. Illustrator. Photographer...

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Inhouse
  • 3 Years
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Advantages of studying here

A Global Vision:

Creating a partnership of youths to build a better world
Half of the world's population comprises of youths below the age of 25. Few, if any, are involved in decisions that affect their way of life, their desires, their interests and their future.

At Limkokwing we envision a time when youths from all parts of the world are engaged in all sectors of the world socioeconomic where issues affecting young people are debated and decisions made.

At Limkokwing we are creating a global network of youths empowered with skills and knowledge to be able to contribute to world economics.

At Limkokwing we are moulding young minds to be active in global events where their opinions can be heard and respected.

A Global Mission:

Shaping human hearts and minds to power global transformation
To excel in today's fast moving world takes a special kind of skill to rise above the rest. It requires left brain, right brain thinking that is able to concentrate, conceptualise and connect. The skill is about synthesizing information and arriving at innovation.

At Limkokwing we open minds to "connect the dots" and see the big picture and make new sense of life. We create the campus environment where students are:

•exposed to exciting campus events that build social skills.
•challenged by industry projects that open their eyes to the complexities of the real world.
•stimulated with personal freedom to explore and experiment that build confidence and shape opinions.
•engaged in incubation of new enterprises that merge different skills to create new brands
•involved in community work that adds value and meaning to their lives.
Global Transformation
Creating a new class of global graduates with the knowledge, the skills and the cultural sensitivity to make the world a better place.

Graduates able to use their creative and innovative abilities to develop new streams for wealth creation and new initiatives for societal advancement.

Graduates able to bridge development gaps that prevent their countries from profiting from the global economic progress.

Graduates able to lift communities to new levels of economic activities by applying creativity to solve local issues.

Areas of specialisation

Limkokwing Undergraduate: B.Bus (Hons) Business Administration, B.Bus (Hons) International Business, B.Bus (Hons) Marketing, B.Bus (Hons) Professional Communication, B.Bus (Hons) Business Information Technology, B.Bus (Hons) Information Technology, B.Bus (Hons) Software Engineering with Multimedia.

Anglia Ruskin University (final year top-up): BA (Hons) Business Management, B Sc (Hons) Business Information Systems.

ABE Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

Limkokwing Postgraduate: MBA in Communication & PR, MBA in Multimedia Management, MBA in Finance & Banking, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in General Management