Medical Humanities (Postgraduate Certificate)

Birkbeck, University of London
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Programme overview What is ‘the art of medicine’ and how can it improve patient care? This new programme allows you to reflect on and develop your daily clinical practice, through a deeper understanding of the humanities - art, literature, music, myth and culture. This programme draws together the emergent fields of medical humanities and intercultural medicine, to explore and develop the lived experience of clinicians in the everyday complexities of real-life clinical settings as they interact with patients and cultures. You will encounter the rich insights of the humanities about culture, the body and what it means to be human, and find ways to integrate these with medical science, to develop a richer understanding of your clinical practice. As part of this engagement, you will have the opportunity to explore non-Western models of medical practice, and to consider how far they complement biomedicine, from the viewpoints of cultures, patients and practitioners. You will acquire and refine skills in verbal and written communication, as well as in research and critical analysis. This programme combines world-class, research-led humanities teaching with an established understanding of the real-life experience of clinical practice and patient care.

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01 October 2017
Malet Street, WC1E 7HX, London, England
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What you'll learn on the course

Medical training
Patient Care

Course programme

Course structure

In Term 1 you take a core module (Perspectives, Practices and Patients), in Term 2 you take an option module chosen from the designated group of medical humanities options, and in Term 3 you take Psycho-Social Research - Working Below the Surface.

Compulsory modules
  • Perspectives, Practices and Patients (Core 1)
  • Psycho-Social Research: Working Below the Surface
Medical humanities option modules
  • A Confusion of Tongues: Illness, Language, Writing
  • Death in Victorian Culture
  • Disciplining Sex: Sexuality, Society and Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture
  • Language Matters

Achievements for this centre

Additional information

Teaching and assessment Teaching Through seminars, tutorials, group work and fieldwork. Assessment By written coursework: 2 essays produced for the core course in Term 1 and the option course in Term 2. You will continue to be supported in your acquisition of academic...

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