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This qualification is the new QCF NVQ and replaces the old Level 4 Construction Contracting Operations. The pathways are ESTIMATING, BUYING, PLANNING, SURVEYING and GENERAL. A learner has to prove competence over a number of credits from the mandatory units, with the remaining credits being achieved thorugh the units designed for the particular pathways.
Suitable for: Construction Supervisors and Construction Managers. The learner must be in a position of considerable autonomy working across a broad spectrum of work activities, and be responsible for the work of others

Important information

Requirements: The learner must be working in a role which enables him/her to prove competence in the areas chosen, and is able to provide evidence to back up statements.

Course programme

This qualification is designed to assess competence in Construction Contracting Operations Management. Learners can prove knowledge, competence, understanding and skills, measured against the National Occupational Standards, proving their competence and ability to employers and others. This qualification is available in a number of pathways - ESTIMATING, BUYING, SURVEYING, PLANNING and GENERAL.To achieve the qualifiction the learner has to achieve between 88 and 94 credits dependant on which pathway they choose. All the pathways include the mandatory units and a number of units chosen from the optional units to make the total number of credits needed.The learners are assessed in the workplace and via our e-portfolio system. Learners will have one to one sessions with their assessor and submit evidence via our e-portfolio system, email and phone.

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Payment options: Although we have set fees for the NVQ, we offer a method for individuals to pay over 4 months.

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