Pharmacy Postgraduate Degrees in Herefordshire

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  • Higher Education 12
  • higher than £ 9000
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  • Master
  • Hatfield
  • 4 Years

... schemes and non-medical prescribing. Pharmacists are involved in the drug design, development and formulation of medicine. The four year Pharmacy degree programme (MPharm) has been developed to give you a thorough understanding and advanced knowledge of pharmacy theory and practice. The MPharm programme... Learn about: Pharmacotherapeutics in Practice, Travel Health, Public Health... More

  • Master
  • Hatfield
  • 1 Year

...If you are a registered pharmacist working in primary care, hospital, community pharmacy or the pharmaceutical industry and wish to develop your... Learn about: Project
, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy in Practice... More

  • Master
  • Hatfield

...This research area integrates science and practice in Pharmacy, providing relevant, innovative and progressive research which presents real value to the national and international pharmaceutical and healthcare communities. Three core themes underpin the work across the unit: optimisation of... Learn about: Public Health, Pharmacy education
, Clinical Practice... More

  • Master
  • Hatfield

... to learning in support of continuing professional development. It is anticipated that a pharmacist undertaking this MSc programme will normally take three years to complete. Students can exit at Year 1 with a Certificate in Pharmacy Practice or at Year 2 with... Learn about: Pharmaceutical Care, Professional development, Thyroid function... More

  • Postgraduate
  • Hatfield
  • 1 Year

...The Overseas Pharmacy Assessment Programme (OSPAP) is a full-time programme starting during September and ending in May. The teaching is undertaken over a 3 day week during the academic year which is divided into two terms. The OSPAP will give you an insight into the way the National Health Service... Learn about: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Study Skills, Pharmacy Practice... More

  • Master
  • Hatfield
  • 20 Months

...The purpose of the Clinical Pharmacy Practice programme is to enable pharmacists who have at least 6 months patient-facing post registration... Learn about: Extended Clinical Placement, Clinical Pharmacy, Core Competencies in Pharmacy Practice... More

  • Master
  • Hatfield
  • 1 Year

...postgraduate researchThe School of Life and Medical Science will move into a brand new science building opening in September 2015 providing us with world... Learn about: Drug Discovery... More

  • Master
  • Hatfield
  • 5 Years

...including relevant techniques, the basis of adverse drug reactions, regulations and guidelines, handling safety issues and the role of systems and processes... Learn about: Risk Management, Principles of Pharmacovigilance, Risk Management... More

  • Master
  • Hatfield
  • 2 Years

...wishing to develop or extend practical skills, knowledge and experience in psychiatric practice. It has an emphasis on developing practical competencies... Learn about: Foundations Skills, Service Improvement, Managing Addictive Behaviours... More