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  • Training
  • Online
  • 1280 hours of study
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Suitable for: Learn hairdressing at your own time and pace from home. Most affordable hairdressing course

Important information

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If you answer yes to any of these questions, our training course is exactly what you are looking for;
  • Looking for a new career
  • Looking for a professional complete hair training course
  • Looking for an apprenticeship program in the hair trade
  • One-time fee for private one-to-one tutoring for life
  • Looking for the best but most affordable course
  • Looking for a course that will help you open up your own salon
  • Interested in hair cutting as a hobby
  • Haven’t practiced hairdressing for a long time and you are looking for a refresher course in hairdressing
  • Looking for training DVDs
  • Looking for online training
  • Wish to learn at home at your own pace and time
  • Cheapest training package
  • Learn hairdressing just to communicate more effectively with your hairdresser
  • Cannot afford to take your kids to a salon every month
  • Wish to learn the trade but can’t afford to leave your full-time job
  • Wish to learn the trade as quickly as possible

We have been operating our salon since 1992.

We have been selling our complete home study course worldwide since 2002.

The average cosmetology school student spends thousands of dollars for training. We, on the other hand, have the most affordable online training course available to people that are interested to learn this trade at your own time and pace.

Most students learn by watching a professional and mimic the learned techniques throughout his or her career. This hair cutting video and series of lessons are easy for beginners to understand as they progress through the techniques. The same hair styling and methods used by professional hairdressers are presented.

The pricing structure makes it easy for any student to learn from these courses within his or her budget. Video rentals and website access can be purchased for this entire course. Students learn quickly having an expert instructor and tutor teaching the right way to cut, color and style.

Any person that has an interest in owning a hair salon or working as a stylist will benefit from our professional course. Each video takes a person step by step through all hair cutting techniques used for men and women without the high prices for cosmetology school courses in hair dressing.

If you would like to learn professional hairdressing without ever leaving the comfort of your home while simultaneously minimizing all unnecessary costs (car expenses, school fees, transportation costs, your valuable time, etc) this DVD video training series (or online) is for you.View our professional online course, as low as $29.99 per month or $129.99 for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!!!

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