Qigong - Yue Family Ba Duan Jin

Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
In Worcestershire and France - Lorient, Brittany (France)

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Important information

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France - Lorient, Brittany
France - Lorient, Brittany, (56) Morbihan, France
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Worcestershire, DY13 9HB, Worcestershire, England
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Qigong - Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin is a set of eight Qigong movements and is called Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade. It is one of the ancient Qigong exercises existing in China. There are many different versions and were created by vary sources. China Health Qigong Association has created a standard set of Ba Duan Jin based on all traditional styles of Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade in 2002 in China. The standard set of Ba Duan Jin has been promoted worldwide and was used for Qigong competitions and demonstration as well. It is a great set of exercise to build up the internal energy and increase strength. It is also suitable for all level of fitness and ages.

Level: Beginners
Times: Wednesday 7:00 PM - 7:50 PM

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