Reiki For Animals

Ginny Patterson

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Want to speak to an Advisor about this course?

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Typology Course
Methodology Inhouse
Class hours 4 hours of class
  • Course
  • Inhouse
  • 4 hours of class

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Course programme

Reiki For Animals

This course is open to people who have been attuned to Reiki 1st degree, Learn how to use Reiki healing on animals.

Open to students attuned to Reiki 1st degree.

Course Content:

  • The benefits of Reiki energy healing for animals
  • Understanding meridians, chakras and the aura
  • Common problems and how to help these
  • The animals comfort during healing
  • Discovering pain or discomfort (practical exercises)
  • The healing session (practical exercises)
  • (Certificate awarded).

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