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RSPH Level 2 Food Safety in Catering training in Beccles
Cinco Estrellas Training and Business Center
  • Training
  • Beccles
  • 1 Day

...This course has been designed to address the food safety needs of the catering sector. Suitable for: Any person who isworking in the pub or catering industry and handles food requires knowledge of food safety. This qualification is essential for anyone food handlers and advisable for bar staff... Learn about: Food Hygiene, Food Preparation, Food Handling...

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  • Training
  • Southwold
  • 6h

...Suitable for: Anyone handling food in a catering environment... Learn about: Restaurant Supervision, Catering Management, Food Handling...

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  • Training
  • Reydon
  • 1 Day

...Suitable for: This course is suitable for all those who wish to apply for there personal licence. This course is suitable for all those who wish to apply... Learn about: Personal Licence holders, Personal Licence, Restaurant Supervision...

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  • Training
  • Beccles
  • 1 Day

...the retail sale of alcohol requires a personal license. In order to qualify for this the applicant must hold a licensing qualification which is QCA accredited... Learn about: Personal Licence...

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  • Training
  • Sudbury
  • 1 Day

...BII, APLH Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) is the BIIAB’s Level 2 Qualification, the course provides the information required by those wishing... Learn about: Personal Licence holders, Alcohol Sales, Sale of alcohol...

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UK Training
Food Safety Level 1 E-Learning - Online training
5.0 1 opinion
UK Training
  • Training
  • Online
  • Beginner
  • Different dates available
  • 1 Day

... and the production of safe food. Suitable for: The Level 1 Award in Food Safety in Catering is a course intended for learners. working in catering and those who are preparing to work in the industry... Learn about: Food safety, Online food safety, Food Hygiene...

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