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Bespoke programme depending on student's needs and requirements. Suitable for: Adults wishing to have private tuitions....

  • Training
  • Plymouth
  • 10 hours of class
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Price on request

We take the time to find out and discuss your aims and goals.We consider your initial level, what you hope to achieve over what period of time, and the amount of time you can realistically dedicate to contact and independent study. Suitable for: Anyone .The package is personalise to meet your needs...

  • Training
  • Woking
  • 9 hours of class
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VAT inc.
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Accademia Riaci

Learn to speak Italian from the very basic, discover various charms of Italy and much more in a 6 months or 1 year long-term programs! Experience wonders of Italy that you can only know by living in it!...

  • Course
  • Firenze
  • 6 Months (360 hours of class)
  • 07 September 2015
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VAT inc.

Food, wine and cooking in Italy is part of the Italian culture, Italian life, Italian style. Cooking in Sicily is a symphony of cooking traditions and ingredients from all over the Mediterranean Sea. Cookery in Italy is an art, Cookery in Italy is a philosophy, Cookery in Italy is a smile to life....

  • Workshop
  • Beginner
  • Taormina
  • Flexible
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VAT inc.
Intensive Italian Language Course training in Torino
5 opinions
Abbeyschool Ciaoitaly

The course is aimed at students who wish to learn Italian in a fun and dynamic environment. Over the course of 80 hours (20 hours per week), it is possible to significantly improve your language level. Students will learn grammatical structures, develop a more expansive vocabulary, improve their pronunciation and will spend time practicing their...

  • Course
  • Torino
  • 1 Month (80 hours of class)
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VAT inc.

Study the language and the communication functions. According to an entry test, students will be divide into four levels: beginners, elementary, intermediate. Each level lasts 30 hours. Suitable for: foreigners who live in Italy or abroad who need and want to learn Italian. (Grammar and Communicative Functions)...

  • Course
  • Online
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GCSE Italian - Distance Learning training
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eDistance Learning

As well as learning how to speak and write this beautiful language, you'll gain a good understanding of Italian culture as you learn. Many of the topics you'll study for this GCSE, such as My World, Work and Lifestyle, also tell you a lot about life in modern Italy. Audio tapes are included to help you learn faster. Suitable for: With this GCSE...

  • GCSE
  • Distance Learning
  • 12 Months
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