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Aberdeen (Aberdeen City)
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Minto Centre, Units 3-9 Minto Avenue, AB12 3JZ


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Course programme

Target Audience

Anyone within an organization whose role requires them to assess the performance of others. The course is also aimed at those who require an understanding of the role of assessment within a Competence Management System. This is a competence-based qualification; therefore this course is for individuals who will undertake the post-course work to achieve their award.

Course Aims

To allow candidates to understand the key requirements and components of a Competence Management System and to realize their part, as an Assessor, within this process. To give the candidates the required skill and knowledge to enable them to produce an evidence portfolio, of real assessments, carried out in their place of work. This Portfolio of Evidence will then be assessed and on successful completion, the candidate will receive their Assessor Qualification.

Course Content

What is a Competence Management System? Standards of Competence Assessment Strategies Assessor role and responsibilities The Assessment Process: Planning for Assessments Evaluating Evidence Making and justifying Assessment Decisions Giving Feedback to Candidates Quality Assurance Measures The People Issues Constructing and maintaining an Assessor CPD log (now a Formal Condition of maintaining Assessor status). Assistance and guidance on how to construct a Portfolio of Evidence.


Presentation, Trainer-led discussion, group exercises and group discussion.


On completion of a Portfolio of Evidence the candidate’s portfolio will be assessed. When the criteria laid down in the A1 standards are met, they will then be registered through an Awarding Body for their A1 Qualification.

Additional information

Payment options: £40 EDI fee £40 SQA Registration Fee.

A1 Assessor

£ 695 + VAT