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Economics is an all-encompassing subject that plays a role in every aspect of modern life. Political, business and environmental decisions all hinge on economics to some extent. This distance learning A level will familiarise you with the processes that lead to these decisions being made and bring you up to speed on the latest economic theories and practices affecting how the world works. Providing an excellent foundation for anyone wishing to study a business-related topic or work in areas such as banking, insurance or trading, this home study A level will open up the thought-provoking world of economics and encourage you to form opinions on how the world works and how things could potentially be done better.



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Distance Learning

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About this course

You will need some basic essay-writing skills. GCSE Maths or equivalent is also advisable.

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NEC Personal Tutor

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Course programme

This thought-provoking course offers the opportunity to learn about the latest economic theory and practices.

Economics, they say, makes the world go round. Few decisions are taken that are not influenced to some degree by economics.

This thought-provoking pack enables students to learn about the latest economic theory and practices in the context of different economic issues both nationally and internationally.

It explores the role of government, producers and consumers and explains many of the issues and debates that feature in today's economic news and society in general.

Topics include
  • Unit 1: Competitive Markets – How They Work and How They Fail
  • Unit 2: Managing the Economy
  • Unit 3: Business Economics and Economic Efficiency
  • Unit 4: The Global Economy

A Level Economics (Gold Star)

£ 595 VAT inc.