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    A Level

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    2 Years


This is made up of three units:

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Solihull (West Midlands)
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Widney Manor Road, B91 3WR


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To take into account

Grade C or above in GCSE Music, if taken. Playing an instrument to Grade 5 standard is essential and there must be an interest in all sorts of music generally. An ability to compose and write about music before starting the course - to GCSE standard - would help.

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Course programme

This is made up of three units:
  • Performing
  • Composing
  • Developing musical understanding.

Students will be expected to perform practical work regularly, and these performances will be recorded and contribute to the final mark. For Unit 1, composing work is carried out during the year using computer software Sibelius and/or Cubase.

Course Outline
AS Level
  • Unit 1: Performing - consisting of playing/singing to a maximum duration of 5-6 minutes. This can be recorded at any time during the course, is marked by the Centre and submitted to Edexcel for moderation, although the whole time must be recorded at the same time.
  • Unit 2: Composing - This is organised in two parts: Section A is a three-minute composition in response to a stimulus provided by Edexcel; Section B is a response to three questions about the composition in order to evaluate the completed work.
  • Unit 3: Listening and Anthology - a two-hour examination in three sections based on the Anthology: Section A) listening; Section B) investigating musical styles; Section C) understanding chords and lines (harmony).
A2 Level
  • Unit 4: Extended Performance - consisting of a recital on instrument or voice - either as a soloist or as a member of a group, lasting 12 - 15 minutes.
  • Unit 5: Composition and Technical Study - consisting of one or two three-minute compositions responding to stimuli set by Edexcel. Students can, as an alternative, attempt two technical exercises (in examination conditions) in Baroque counterpoint, chorale harmonisation or popular song, which are available to centres during the year at stipulated times.
  • Unit 6: Musical Understanding - consisting of a two-hour examination paper divided into three sections: Section A) aural analysis; Section B) music in context; and Section C) continuity and change in instrumental music. The examination will involve questions set from the prescribed anthology.

Coursework (30%) - completed during the year and sent off to examiners to be marked in May.
Examination (70%) - marked by an external examiner.
Examining Board - Edexcel.

Prohibited Options
None . .

Career and Progression Opportunities
Studying Music in HE, Performing, Teaching, Music Therapy, Music Technology, Librarianship, Media work, especially broadcasting.

Other Information
Students will be expected to read music fluently for the examination and will be at a distinct disadvantage if they have not learned to do so during the two-year course.

A Level Music

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