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In order to progress to membership of the Association you must obtain at least one year's relevant work experience. This can be gained in any employment sector before, during or after studying for the Accounting Technician qualification. The Education and Training scheme is highly flexible. You may choose to complete the full scheme, one or more stages, or selected units of competence. Whatever you decide, you will receive an AAT certificate for all your achievements. Activities undertaken at work may count towards the qualification.

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About this course

If you have experience of working with a manual accounting system you may already have the necessary basic bookkeeping skills to gain entry direct to the Intermediate stage. Note: you do not need to be working in an accounts environment in order to complete the AAT training course. It is easier if you are working in a suitable accounting role but it is not essential and many students have completed the AAT in order to gain a foothold in the accounting profession.

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Course programme

To complete the Foundation stage you must complete seven units of competence as follows:

AAT Foundation Units of competence
Unit 1 - Recording income and receipts
Unit 2 - Making and recording payments
Unit 3 - Preparing ledger balances and an initial trial balance
Unit 4 - Supplying information for management control
Unit 21 - Working with computers
Unit 22 - Monitor and maintain a healthy, safe and secure workplace
Unit 23 - Achieving personal effectiveness

Topics covered include:
Double entry book-keeping to trial balance
Checking, banking and recording receipts
Authorising, making and recording payments
Petty cash transactions
Bank reconciliations
Sales and Purchase day books and ledgers
Control accounts
Introduction to the office
Office equipment (e-mail, facsimile, computers etc)
Categories and sources of information
Data Management
Information storage systems
Business communications
Working relationships
Health and safety within the office workplace
Course Content

Premier Training will provide each student with:
Textbooks and Workbooks for each unit
Practice Examinations
Practice Simulations/Mock skills tests
Telephone helpline
Personal study programme
Portfolio builder

Important Note regarding Computerised Accounts
Please note that we offer two versions of the Foundation stage course, depending on whether or not you have access to a computerised package such as Sage.

If your job does not provide sufficent opportunity to gather all the required evidence, you will need access to a computer running accounting software on which you can produce invoices, statements etc.

If this software is not presently available to you, it will be necessary for Premier Training to supply a version of the course which includes your own copy of Sage software.

Intermediate Stage/ NVQ3
Students will normally start at the Foundation Stage but entry direct to the Intermediate Stage is permitted provided you can satisfy the entry requirements as detailed on the Exemptions matrix.

To complete the Intermediate stage you must complete five units of competence (or three, if 'Working with computers' and 'Health & Safety' have already been completed as part of Foundation stage).

Units of competence
Unit 5 - Financial records and accounts
Unit 6 - Record and evaluate costs and revenues
Unit 7 - Preparing reports and returns
Unit 21 - Working with computers*
Unit 22 - Monitoring and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace*
*if not already covered in Foundation Stage

The Intermediate Stage study topics include:
Revision of basic bookkeeping
Accounting concepts and standards
Advanced accounting procedures
The treatment of stocks
Fixed assets and depreciation
The extended trial balance
Incomplete records
Introduction to cost accounting
Classification and behaviour of costs
Material costs and stock control
Labour costs and expenses
Marginal costing and absorption costing
Cost bookkeeping
Information in business
Course Contents

Premier Training will provide each student with:
 Textbooks and Workbooks for each unit
 Assignments
 Practice examinations
 Practice Simulations/Mock skills test
 Telephone helpline
 Personal study programme
 Personal tutor
 Portfolio builder

AAT Technician Stage NVQ4
Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)

Students will normally be expected to complete Foundation and Intermediate stages but entry direct to the Technician Stage is permitted provided you can satisfy the entry requirements as detailed on the Exemptions matrix.

Units of competence
To complete the Technician stage you must complete seven units of competence, of which five are compulsory and two are optional, to be selected from a range of four.

Mandatory Units - all five must be completed:
Module Title Code
Unit 8 Management of performance and the enhancement of value PEV
Unit 9 Planning and control of resources PCR
Unit 10 Managing systems and people MSP
Unit 11 Drafting financial statements (Accounting Practice, Industry and Commerce) DFS
Unit 22 Monitoring and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace* HSPE
*if not already covered at an earlier stage

Optional Units - choose two from four:
Unit 15 Operating a cash management and credit control system CMCC
Unit 17 Implementing audit procedures IAP
Unit 18 Preparing business taxation computations BTC
Unit 19 Preparing personal taxation computations PTC

Tutor's Note: students wishing to do either of the taxation units are strongly recommended to study both as there is a great deal of overlap between these units.

Fees for the AAT NVQ route - Distance Learning Course.
Please note that Premier Training's price includes all necessary materials, study manuals and workbooks. Many organisations quote only a tuition fee and once enrolled the student is then faced with substantial extra costs for books, materials etc.

Materials and tuition fee
Foundation Stage (excluding Sage Accounting) £409.00
Foundation Stage (including Sage Accounting plus Sage certification worth £50!) £509.00
Intermediate Stage including units 21,22 & 23 £409.00
Intermediate Stage excluding units 21,22 & 23 £369.00
Technician Stage £599.00
In addition there is a shipping cost as follows:
UK mainland £16.00
All other destinations £49.00

AAT Unit 1 Recording Income and Receipts -homestudy £149.00
Unit 2 Making and Recording Payments £149.00
Unit 3 Preparing Ledger Balances and an Initial trial Balance £149.00
Unit 4 Supplying Information for Management Control £149.00
Unit 5 Maintaining Financial Records and Preparing Accounts £149.00
Unit 6 Recording and Evaluating Costs and Revenues £149.00
Unit 7 Preparing Reports and Returns £149.00
Unit 8 Contributing to the management of performance and the enhancement of value £149.00
Unit 9 Contribute to the planning and control of Resources £149.00
SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER! Units 8 and 9 - £199.00
Unit 10 Managing Systems and people in the accounting Environment £249.00
Unit 11 Drafting Financial Statements (AP, I & C) £149.00
Unit 15 Operating cash management and credit control system £149.00
Unit 17 Implementing Auditing Procedures £149.00
Unit 18 Preparing Business Taxation Computations £149.00
Unit 19 Preparing Personal Taxation Computations £149.00
Unit 21 Working with Computers £99.00
Unit 22 Contribute to the maintenance of a healthy,safe and. a productive working environment £99.00
Unit 23 Achieving Personal Effectiveness homestudy £99.00
Units 21,22 and 23 SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER! £199.00

Additional Items to Remember
Please note that in order to achieve the AAT qualification you will need to join the AAT as a student member. The following items are payable directly to the AAT and are therefore not included in your Premier Training course fees:

AAT Fees (payable direct to AAT)
AAT annual subscription £72
AAT admission fee (Payable once only) £33
AAT examination fees
Foundation Stage (1 Paper) £41
Intermediate Stage (2 Papers) £44 each
Technician Stage (3 papers) * £46 each
*Students choosing the two tax options at the Technician stage will complete 5 examination papers

The following Skills-Based Simulation Fees are payable to Premier Training at the time an assessment is booked:

AAT Simulations
Foundation Stage 5 papers £31.99 each
Intermediate Stage 3 papers £31.99 each
Technician Stage 2*papers £31.99 each
*Students taking the two tax options at the Technician stage will not be required to complete any simulations.
The above prices are inclusive of postage and administration costs.


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