The ABC (and not only) of Transformational Ontological Coaching

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Do you want to learn more about Ontology? Emagister has just added to its educational catalogue The ABC (and not only) of Transformational Ontological Coaching endorsed by Abla Coaching - Transformational Ontological Coaching High School.

The ABC (and not only) of Transformational Ontological Coaching, is a programme designed to understand the first basic concepts of Transformational Ontological Coaching and to do self-verification exercises of learning.

The main objective of this course is to teach students what coaching is and how it helps others to have a joyful life and boost their well-being.

If you are a psychologist, an entrepreneur, a manager/team leader or if you work in an HR department, this course will suit you perfectly.

The only requirement is that you needed to be at least 20 years old to enrol in this amazing course.

So if you want to boost your potential and start an incredible course, do not hesitate to enrol now.

Define your career today! Contact Abla Coaching - Transformational Ontological Coaching High School through for more information about this course!

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About this course

With this course students will learn: - what is coaching and what is not - how and why coaching helps people achieve their happiness and well-being - what transformational ontological coaching consists of - how the coaching process is structured

The course is aimed at: - psychologists who want to understand how transformational ontological coaching can be useful in their work - entrepreneurs who want to improve their leadership - managers who be more productive and develop self-efficacy - team leaders who want to manage collaborators by promoting commitment and sharing - HR managers who must manage internal and external relations - trainers who want to make training engaging and effective

minimum age 20 years

It is a totally online course, available on the H24 and 365 days / year training platform. Available immediately after registering with access credentials from PC, tablet, and smartphone. Availability of video, audio, documents, exercises resources.

Following the request for information, you will receive an email with instructions to register.

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  • Coaching
  • Wellness
  • Happiness
  • Motivation
  • Commitment
  • Results
  • Goals
  • Coaching Process
  • Active Listening
  • Direct Communication

Teachers and trainers (1)

Silvia Camerini

Silvia Camerini


Course programme

IntroductionWhat is and what is not coachingHappiness, well-being and motivationTransformational Ontological CoachingThe Coaching process

Some theoretical-scientific references
Gallwey's Inner Game, Socratic maieutics, the ontology of Echeverria's language, transformational ontological co-ching, John Searle's speech acts, Gendlin's Focusing, the evolutionary change model (Campbell, Trevisani) , Rogers and Frankl's humanistic psychology, Bandler and Grinder's linguistic metamodel, Bateson-Dilts neurological levels, Locke and Latham's Goal setting theory, Covey's 7 rules of self-efficacy, motivational pushes ”by Taibi Kahler, the emotional intelligence applied to coaching.

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The ABC (and not only) of Transformational Ontological Coaching

Special Emagister price

£ 39 £ 187 + VAT