Abreption School

Abreption School


Abreption school is part of Abreption, a 20 year old manufacturer of fine English luggage. The school is based in Grantham on the same site as the leather factory and is only 2 minutes walk from Grantham station. We have clean modern training facilities.

Abreption School has been set up with its primary focus to provide short courses in various aspects of leather. Courses range from restoration and cleaning to making a leather product. We work with very experienced lecturers and our classes are a maximum of 12 students.

Anyone can benefit from our courses, but especially designers of leather products, footwear or garment technologists, new sales person in a tannery, advising customers at point of sale, customer services or quality manager and leather buyers.

Top courses

  • Short course
  • Grantham
  • Intermediate
  • 2 Days

...that are commonplace in the industry. We will look at some of the more popular terms and explain what characteristics the leather will... Learn about: Leather cleaning... More

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Teachers and trainers (1)

Amanda  Michel
Amanda Michel

For more than 35 years Amanda has been involved with many scientific research projects in leather enabling her to become specialised in the microscopic structure of leather and how it influences its behaviour in use. She has been involved with virtually every aspect of the leather business from the animal on the farm, through each stage of the leather making process, onto product design and manufacture. She also has extensive understanding of the consumers’ perception of the final product. This experience enables her to deliver training and consultancy in all aspects of leather and its uses