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Absolute BME stands for Absolute Business Meetings & Events. We provide skill-based training courses around Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Our course facilitators are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality training courses being delivered. And we take pride in delivering “added values” beyond the core course curriculum. Our events are carefully researched to cater for every stage of your organization’s development path.

We understand that business networking is one of the key components in today organizations’ competency and competitive edge. We provide ideal business platforms for you to tap into the collective wisdom of your peers worldwide. To avoid the pitfalls of major corporations and benchmark against the best is what Absolute BME believes in.

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...defend the minor investment in monitoring and preservation as necessary effort in order to prevent their company from bigger losses by unforeseen break... Learn about: Electrical Maintenance... More

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Georg Daemisch
Georg Daemisch
Managing Director - DIDEE GmbH (Daemisch Industriedienstleistungen Gmb

* Consultant - DTC (Daemisch Transformer Consult), Germany * Over 20 years of experiences in transformer life management. * Regular presenter in various prestigious workshop and conferences in this industry, such as Eurotechcon 2009, CIGRE 2009, and many more. * Some of his outstanding works are "The Aged Transformer Diagnosis, Treatment and Life Management, 2003-2004", "Ageing behaviour, substance evaluation and conservation of power transformers, 2005", as well as "Transformer population Management (TPM), 2006."