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Course programme

The ACCA is the largest global professional accountancy body, with nearly 300,000 members and students in 160 countries. ACCA's headquarters are in London and it has staffed offices in 31 countries. Founded in 1904 in London, ACCA's mission is to provide quality professional opportunities to people of ability and application, to be a leader in the development of the global accountancy profession, to promote highest ethical and governance standards and to work in the public interest.

Continued economic growth and future optimism from employers has ensured that the Accountancy profession buoyant and thriving. Whereas the industry once focused on two main branches: audit and accounting-nowadays it has become a multi-skilled task and involvement includes all aspects of the business from recent performance to future growth strategy and as such career opportunities are endless.

Course Overview
The ACCA qualification will lead to a career as a Chartered Certified Accountant in the corporate sector, public sector or in public accounting/audit/consulting practices. ACCA combines the benefits of traditional accounting skills with a wide ranging and forward thinking syllabus, which recognizes that financial professionals are increasingly required to demonstrate strategic thinking, excellent communication, people skills and information technology.

Course Structure
1st year- Knowledge

• F1 AB Accountant in Business
• F2 MA Management Accounting
• F3 FA Financial Accounting

2nd year- Skills

• F4 CL Corporate and Business Law
• F5 PM Performance Management
• F6 TX Taxation
• F7 FR Financial Reporting
• F8 AA Audit & Assurance
• F9 FM Financial Management

3rd year- Essentials

• P1 PA Professional Accountant
• P2 CR Corporate Reporting
• P3 BA Business Analysis
OPTIONAL MODULES (Choose any 2 from 4)
• P4 AFM Advanced Financial Management
• P5 APM Advanced Performance Management
• P6 ATX Advanced Taxation
• P7 AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance

Relevant to: Global ACCA Professional Scheme
The ACCA syllabus aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge, skills and techniques required by the modern professional accountant. The broad range of subjects is designed to ensure a depth of high quality, relevant knowledge which can be applied throughout your chosen career. The examinations are divided into three parts


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