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Accademia Italianchef


The first course of Italian cuisine will begin the first week of February, exactly Monday, February the 3rd, 2014. The course will last four weeks, and the classes will last about three hours, two days a week, for example, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10.00 am. To 13.00. I Can organize two shifts during the day, from 13.00 up to 16.00 in the afternoon, and a shift in the evening, from 18.00 hours to 21.00. Upon reaching 30 candidates, there will be a new course from the month of March. This is because I don't want to have too many people in the kitchen and I want to follow step by step the candidates of the course. The course fee is £ 299.00.
Programming teaching cooking classes in the 1st semester 2014

1° st Italian cookery course:
Appetizers, Pasta, Second main course, bread and pizza, knowledge of meat ( halal ), How to prepare a menù, how to prepare your shopping list, Farmyards animals, various tipe of fish and how to serv them, Kitchen Pantry and the right tools in the kitchen

Course of fresh pasta :
Tagliatelle, ravioli, cannelloni, tortellini and lasagna. Gnocchi e chicche, trofie, orecchiette, canederli, pici. Different stuffings and combinations of sauces.

Course pizzeria:
Learning techniques and preparation. Free style pizza and homemade bread.

Course ice cream:
Techniques for the preparation of Original homemade ice cream “ sundae”. Without need to expensive machinery.

Basic course in pastry:
Basic knowledge of the creams and small confectionery, parfait, muffins and cake.
Notes on the cutting fruit, macedonie, skewers and decorations.

Educational training course for profetional chefs and restaurateurs :
theoretical and practical,
Organization in the kitchen and warehouses, hygiene and HACCP. arrangement of the departments
Menus with successfully : The menus, recipes, list of ingredients,
Appetizers, side dishes and vegetables.
Pasta dishes, pastas, sauces, risotto, soups
As fresh pasta, techniques of preparation, the stuffings for ravioli, cannelloni, tortellini and lasagna, gnocchi, trofie, orecchiette, canederli, pici, the correct combination sauce.
Main courses of meat and seafood
The pizza and bread, cooking and techniques of preparation, free style.
The desserts single portion, the techniques of preparation and maintenance.
The dining area, bar, the wine cellar and table service. practical hints.

Basic course cut of meat: Basic knowledge of the preparation and cutting Cow, Pork, Sheep, Chicken and Rabbit. Boning meats of chicken, lamb, rabbit. Learning techniques the Norcineria. Preparation of porchetta Basic skills. Preparation of rolled pancetta or tense “ Bacon”, Basic skills. Preparation of the classic Italian sausage, Basic skills.

My house and my kitchen are in the area of Kingston London, United Kingdom.
I am an Italian chef and will make myself available with my kitchen and my recipes.
This academy is the beginning of your trip to Italy!
During my Italian cooking courses I will follow you step by step.
My kitchen is a domestic environment, there will not be crowded and courses will teach you the recipes of the north, center and south of Italy.
Above all, you will have fun and you can eat delicious food!
You can choose the menu in the wide range that I'll propose to prepare.
Of course, after each lesson, you can always take home the food that you did!
I will use halal meat and I will show you the documents of purchase.

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1° st Italian cookery course: - Inhouse
Accademia Italianchef
  • Private lessons
  • Inhouse in Long Ditton
  • Intermediate
  • Different dates available
  • 24h - 1 Month

...the different menu and how to prepare. Bread and Pizza, Basic skills Knowledge of meat ( halal ) How to prepare a menù how to prepare you shopping list Farmyard animals... Learn about: Learning to understand the real traditional Italian cuisine, How to organize the work tools appropriate, Skills acquired Knowledge and skills acquired in the course. How to organize a kitchen environment. How to organize the work tools appropriate. Learning to understand the real traditional Italian cuisine... More

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enrico derek papi
enrico derek papi
Italian chef

Derek Enrico Papi London, 15 Queen's Road New Malden thirty five years of experience in Italian cuisine, specialization courses, insights and internships, so much passion eventually opening the Italian cooking school in London, Welcome and enjoy!