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This Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma in Accounting will provide students with an in depth knowledge of the topic area. Accountancy is the art of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers.
Ten carefully created modules will take students from the basic fundamentals underlying the subject of accounting to the various concepts that are used by accountants to keep records of capital expenditure for an organisation.

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About this course

Key Topics

The course is broken down into ten modules as follows:

Purposes of Accounting and Records
Verification of Records - Accounts and Balance Sheets
Types of Business Organisations, Accounting Concepts and Further Aspects
Internal Final Accounts of Limited Companies, Ratio Analysis and the Assessment of Business Performance
Introduction to Budgeting and Budget Control - ICT in Accounting
Stock Valuation, Incomplete Records and Sources of Finance
Accounting Standards, Published Accounts and Partnership Accounts
Manufacturing Accounts
Capital Investment Appraisal, Budgeting, Further Considerations and Social Accounting

This course is an ideal starting point for anybody wanting to become an accountant. It is also useful for a general manager wanting more information about the finances he or she has to manage. People considering starting their own business will also find the course useful as a means to learn what records are important and how to keep their accounts.

The good news is that no prior learning knowledge or experience is essential to take this course. This course is openly available to anyone wishing to learn more about Accounting and would like to take part in a highly rewarding home study course. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and study further, so we try to keep our entry requirements to a minimum.

Level 3 Diploma in Accounting from ABC Awards

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Course programme


How is the course structured?

The Level 3 Accounting course is divided into ten comprehensive modules:

Module One
- Purposes of Accounting and Records

Module Two
- Verification of Records
- Accounts and Balance Sheets

Module Three
- Types of Business Organisations
- Accounting Concepts
- Further Aspects

Module Four
- Internal Final Accounts of Limited Companies
- Ratio Analysis
- Assessment of Business Performance

Module Five
- Introduction to Budgeting and Budget Control
- ICT in Accounting

Module Six
- Stock Valuation
- Incomplete Records
- Sources of Finance

Module Seven
- Accounting Standards
- Published Accounts
- Partnership Accounts

Module Eight
- Manufacturing Accounts

Module Nine
- Costing

Module Ten
- Capital Investment Appraisal
- Budgeting
- Further Considerations
- Social Accounting


Final online multiple choice examination counts for 100% of the final grade.


We recommended you spend approximately 200 hours of your time studying for the course name. The pace of study is completely up to you. To give an example, if you dedicate 4 hours a week to the course it would take you a year to complete but if you could spare 8 hours a week you could complete it in six months.

Get started today, and you can earn your Level 3 Diploma in Accounting in as little as six months, or take up to two years, if you prefer – the choice is yours.

You have 2 years tutor support with this course.

Course Fees

Our aim is to provide you with the best deal available, therefore any registration fee, certification fee and full tutor support is included in the course price for you. The enrolment fee for the Accounting home study course is £518.75, though for a limited time we are offering you the opportunity to pay only £415 which is a 20% discount if you enrol online and pay in full.

You can also opt for our Easy Payment Plan and enrol online today by paying a deposit of £103.75 and then 4 equal payments of £103.75 per month. The first instalment is paid about a month after you receive your course.

You can also opt for our Online & Paper Version of this course at £480.

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POSSIBLE CAREER PATHS  Accounting Technician Accounts Clerk Private Practice Accountant Management Accountant

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Accounting - Level 3 Diploma

£ 415 VAT inc.