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The course covers all you need to know about acrylic painting.

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Andy Walker
Andy Walker

Course programme

This practical 24 part acrylics course is sent to you every week by E-mail.

In each issue you will find:

  • an audio introduction
  • a painting project with several pages of step-by-step instructions
  • video clips to show how it is done

The course covers all you need to know about acrylic painting and covers such topics as :

  • understanding and using colour
  • how to paint without drawing
  • learning various essential painting techniques
  • mastering different painting styles
  • using acrylics like oils
  • using acrylics like watercolours

Each week there is a project to paint and each one helps you learn a different style or technique.
The printed pages of step-by-step instructions are all numbered and can be filed in a ring binder for future reference, so you will build up a complete manual of acrylic painting.

How does it work?

When you sign up for the course you will begin to receive emails on a regular basis, a bit like getting a magazine. Each email links to a lesson, where you will find

  • an audio introduction to the lesson
  • pages of clear instructions to print off and keep
  • video clips to show you exactly how it's done

Just listen to the audio, print off the pages, watch the video and follow along. Each lesson builds on the one before, so you grow in confidence as you go along, and you will soon be amazed at how fast you are learning.
The important thing is to actually do the projects. The courses are very practical and you will learn by doing.

Keeping Motivated
Because the course comes to you in regular instalments, you will find yourself wanting to paint along with each lesson and the excitement of learning will be kept up. I can guarantee you will learn to paint with these regular lessons! And if you get stuck, you can even email me at any time with problems or questions.

Take your Time
Finally, you can take the courses at your own pace. You don't have to keep up, or you can choose to go faster! To take the course at a slower pace just save the links and download the lessons whenever you like , or if you want to go quicker, then email me and I'll send you the complete list of links so you can access the course at your own speed. Each weekly lesson takes about 2 hours to complete.

The course comes to you in 24 weekly parts and is broken down into six sections as follows:

Section 1: Painting with Colour
Part 1. Introducing the colour wheel
Part 2. Tones, greys, tints and shades
Part 3. Warm and cool colours
Part 4. Complementary colours
Part 5. Creating atmosphere with colour

Section 2: Painting without Drawing
Part 6. Painting a landscape
Part 7. Painting a still life

Section 3: Painting Techniques
Part 8. Scumbling
Part 9. Spattering and Sponging
Part 10. Wiping Out
Part 11. Glazing
Part 12. Sgraffito
Part 13. Knife Painting

Section 4: Painting Styles
Part 14. Impressionism
Parts 15 and 16. Trompe l’oeil
Part 17. Cubism
Part 18. Pointilism

Section 5: Using Acrylics like Oils
Parts 19 to 21. Painting a portrait in oils

Section 6: Using Acrylics as Watercolours
Part 22. Thin transparent washes
Part 23. Wet in wet
Part 24. Transparent and opaque

There is a practical painting project for you to have a go at with each weekly part, with clear instructions and video clips to show you how it is done.

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