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Course programme

PHOTO REPAIR - BLACK AND WHITE EASY FIXES Fixing images Using the Eyedropper Tool Using the Clone Stamp Tool Vignetting images CLEANING PICTURES Cleaning up a picture APPLYING TINTS Duotones Creating a Duotone Reproducing a Duotone Editing individual Duotone Plates Hand-Tinting photos PHOTO REPAIR - COLOR IMAGE RETOUCHING Fixing Red Eye Using the Drag and Drop method Cropping a picture ADVANCED EDITING Removing a person COMPOSITING MERGING PICTURES Creating one picture from two Blending Layers Making realistic composites ERASING BACKGROUNDS Using the Background Eraser Tool ALTERNATIVE COMPOSITES Creating composites from nothing ACTIONS ACTIONS PALETTE Automating tasks Using Actions Using the Actions palette RECORD ACTIONS Using the New Set dialog box Using the New Action dialog box EDIT ACTIONS Adding Operations Reordering Operations Copying Operations Editing Operations Customizing Actions Inserting Actions Stopping Actions Renaming Actions Deleting Operations PLAY ACTIONS Playing Actions and Operations Using the Button Mode Disabling Operations Using a Dialog Box in Operations Setting the Playback Options Undoing Actions SAVING AND LOADING SETS Saving a Set Loading a Set RESETTING, REPLACING, AND CLEARING Resetting Actions and Operations Replacing Actions and Operations Clearing Actions and Operations BATCH-PROCESSING Batch-processing files Testing batch-processing DROPLETS Creating Droplets Using Droplets

PHOTOSHOP FOR THE WEB PHOTOSHOP AND IMAGEREADY Utilizing Photoshop and ImageReady FILE FORMATS JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) PNG (Portable Network Graphics) TRANSPARENT PIXELS Making Colours Transparent Saving and opening a GIF with Transparency OPTIMIZING IMAGES Saving for Web WEB SETTINGS FOR OPTIMIZATION Optimising a Web image Optimising sliced images Saving optimised files GIF SETTINGS FOR OPTIMIZATION Optimising a GIF Image JPEG SETTINGS FOR OPTIMIZATION Optimising a JPEG Image OPTIMIZATION MENU Using the Optimise Menu PREVIEW MENU Using the Preview Menu OUTPUT SETTINGS Applying Output Settings SAVING PNG IMAGES Optimizing a PNG Image INDEXED COLOR INDEXED COLOR PALETTE Using the Indexed Color Palette Using Color Forcing Color Setting the Transparency option Setting the Matte option Setting the Dither option Setting the Amount option Preserving Exact Colours EDITING INDEXED COLORS Editing Colours WEB PAGE LAYOUT CREATE SLICES Creating Slices EDIT SLICES Editing Slices SLICE OPTIONS Applying Slice Options SAVE SLICES Saving Slices IMAGEREADY FEATURES IMAGE MAPPING Creating layer based Image Maps Creating manual Image Maps JAVASCRIPT ROLLOVERS Creating JavaScript Rollovers ANIMATION NAVIGATE FRAMES Navigating frames ADD AND ORGANIZE FRAMES Adding and organizing frames SAVE AND OPTIMIZE AN ANIMATION Saving an Animation

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