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Typology Workshop
Level Advanced
Location Worthing
Duration 2 Days
  • Workshop
  • Advanced
  • Worthing
  • Duration:
    2 Days

Clear strategies to follow to maximise sales.. Develop great, relationship building selling skills.. Increase sales and profits through more effective selling and better customer service.
Suitable for: Individuals already in a sales role who want to enhance & develop their existing selling skills, be ahead of the competition, build stronger relationships with prospects & clients and sell even more effectively.

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51 Downlands Avenue, BN14 9HD, West Sussex, England
Starts On request
51 Downlands Avenue, BN14 9HD, West Sussex, England

Course programme

Advanced Selling Skills

Customers want to be delighted not just sold to; they want to walk away from a sale knowing they made the right choice and have that good after sales buzz. Customers now want more; they want ongoing customer service, a high level of knowledge & expertise from the sales person and a great deal of rapport and comfort surrounding their purchasing decision. There is so much more competition now that customers have more choice and so buy from the people who make the difference, they buy into personality not just products & services. So to meet this ever increasing need & be ahead of the competition The Advanced Selling Skills workshop will equip participants with the tools & techniques to meet this demand, sell even more effectively providing a great experience for the customer and ultimately greater result for the business. Course Objectives

  • To review existing sales skills, identifying strengths and areas for improvement
  • To build greater rapport & enhance client relationships
  • To understand & utilise the strategies of top performing sales people
  • To develop a positive attitude toward selling & letting go of any limiting beliefs
  • To create a personal toolkit that can be used in a number of sales situations
  • To identify how to structure an effective sales meeting
  • To practice advanced questioning skills
  • To handle objections if and when they occur
  • To know how to deal with different customer personality styles
· To identify what contributes to effective negotiation and influencing

Selling Perceptions & State

· Presuppositions for Effective Selling
· Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
· Attitude to Guarantee Success
· Self Motivation & State Control
· Modelling Top Performers
· SWOT Analysis

Building Relationships

· Making First Impressions Count
· Communication Process
· Building Rapport to Win Business
· Understanding Body Language
· Non Verbal Patterns of Communication
· Using Voice & Words to Influence

The Sales Process

· SENS Selling Model
· 5 Steps Sales Process
· What FAB's, USP's & UPB's are & How to Use Them
· Advanced Questioning Skills to Uncover Need
Personality Types & Values

· Preferred Representation Systems
· Charisma Model to Build Rapport in Email & Presentations
· Personality Profiling to Increase Flexibility as Sales Person
· Elicit Values to Drive Behaviour

Objection Handling & Closing

· The Top 4 Objections & How to Combat with Confidence
· Overcoming Obstacles to Closing
· Effective Language Patterns to Close
· Traditional Closes & How to Use them

And Finally

· Delivering Effective Feedback
· Goal Setting to Set & Achieve Objectives
· Top 10 Rules for Success
· Opportunity to Practice all Techniques
This Advanced Selling Skills programme outline is just a guide to what we can do. A programme like this should be tailored to your organisations specific requirements. Our consultants will work with you to establish exactly the right content, to give you the best possible results.

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