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Agricultural Project Design, Data Elicitation, Interpretation and Financial Risk Management (Europe)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
In Paris, France ()

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Important information

Typology Seminar
Class hours 36h
Duration 6 Days
  • Seminar
  • 36h
  • Duration:
    6 Days

This Course is Designed For:
Senior Functionaries in Development Organizations responsible for Planning and Implementation of Agricultural Projects;
Senior Agricultural Inspectors;
Agricultural Research Officers;
Agricultural Settlement Officers;
Rural Development Officers;
Agricultural Lecturers;
Agricultural Students;
Risk Assessors;
Risk Analysts;
Agricultural Project Officers;
Agricultural Project Managers;
Department of Agriculture Officials;
Agronomists involved in Agricultural Projects;
Botanists engaged in Agricultural Project Management;
Zoologists involved in the Development, Management and Evaluation of Agricultural Projects;
Government Organizations responsible for managing the large and medium-sized
Agricultural Project Development Officers;
NGOs Officers, involved in Agricultural Projects;
Executives in Funding Agencies dealing with appraisal and monitoring of projects in agriculture sector;
All other personnel with an interest in Agricultural Project Management, Rural Planning and Development, Agricultural Team Leadership, Worker Motivation, Agricultural Risk Management, and Agricultural Research Management

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Legal Human Resource Support

John Dogo
3.5 30/05/2016
What I would highlight: Obliged very much, Sir, I had a lovely time and I must say, I am taking this back home and letting them know that HRODC Postgraduate training institute is of great reputation and that the training is second to none. Obliged very much, Professor Crawford.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Bader Riyad Al-Onaizi
4.5 07/05/2016
What I would highlight: I look forward to learning even more with HRODC. Thank you for this great explanation on Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidies.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)

Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy: Claims, Measures and Stance

Khalid Al-Ghamdi
5.0 05/05/2016
What I would highlight: I want to thank Professor Doctor Crawford for the full explanation about Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy. I just know that I will benefit from it. That is why I recommend this course to my colleagues and, even, to my Top Manager.
What could be improved: Nothing negative.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Abdulkareem Taher Taha
4.5 01/04/2016
What I would highlight: For my side, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Professor Crawford and also obliged Ms. Maria because she was very helpful to me. I'd like to say to everybody and to my co-workers that honestly this training would be very helpful and makes your business life easy. Oblige.
What could be improved: Nothing negative.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)

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Umar Faruk
3.5 01/02/2016
What I would highlight: Like I said, the course has been very advantageous: the accumulation, the presentation, the demodulate and the films and I promise you, with my partnership with some of my workfellow, I will make sure that my co-workers also get benefits from which I was benefited. Obliged instructor. Thank you so much.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Financial Risk
Risk Management
IT Project Management
Data analysis
Data Interpretation
Project Management
Financial Risk Management
IT risk
Financial Training
IT Development
IT Management
Project planning
Data Elicitation Techniques
Writing a Research Proposal
Reviewing Literature
Sources of Information
Sampling Techniques
Sampling Frame
Agricultural Project Research Management
Choosing the Methodology
Interview or Questionnaire
‘Tally System’
Using SPSS Package
Using Excel Package
Reporting Styles
Use of Visual Representations
Realistic Project Costing
Establishing Research Objectives

Teachers and trainers (1)

Prof. Dr. R.B. Crawford
Prof. Dr. R.B. Crawford
Director - HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

PhD (University of London), MEd. M. (University of Bath), Adv. Dip. Ed. (University of Bristol), PGCIS (Thames Valley University), ITC (UWI), Member of the Standing Council of Organisational Symbolism (MSCOS); Member of the Asian Academy of Management (MAAM); Member of the International Society of Gesture Studies (MISGS); Member of the Academy of Management (MAOM); LESAN; Professor, HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute; Visiting Professor, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)

Course programme

Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

  • Agricultural Project Research Management (APRM)
  • Agricultural Project Research Design
  • Agricultural Project Research Data Gathering
  • Agricultural Project Research Data Analysis;
  • Agricultural Project Data Presentation
  • Sources of Information
  • Secondary Sources
  • Primary Sources
  • Reviewing Literature
  • Choosing The Methodology
  • Qualitative Approaches
  • Quantitative Approaches
  • ‘Triangulating’ The Methodology
  • Data Elicitation Techniques
  • Surveys
  • Participant Observation
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Documentary Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Sampling As An Important Element of Research Design
  • The Sampling Frame
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Convenience Or Non-random Samples
  • Quota Sample
  • Systematic Sample
  • Probability Or Random Samples
  • Simple Random Sample
  • Stratified Sampling
  • Multi-stage Sampling
  • Interview Or Questionnaire?
  • Using Unstructured Questions
  • Using Open-ended Questions
  • Designing Closed-ended Questions
  • Avoiding Forced-choice
  • Data Analysis
  • Instruments of Analysis
  • Using a ‘Tally System’
  • Using SPSS Package
  • Using Excel Package
  • Data Interpretation
  • Making Sense of The Information
  • Identifying ‘Trends’ & ‘Patterns’ in Information
  • Arriving At Conclusions
  • Reporting The Findings
  • Reporting Styles
  • Using The Evidence
  • Use of Visual Representations
  • Generating Graphs & Charts From Tables
  • Managing Research Projects
  • Project Planning
  • Generating Project Roles
  • Realistic Project Costing
  • Monitoring & Continuous Evaluation
  • The Interim Reports
  • Writing a Research Proposal
  • Establishing Research Objectives
  • Identifying & Defining The Problem
  • The Synopsis
  • Ethical Concerns in the Formulation & Conduct of Research

Advanced Agricultural Project (4): Agricultural Project Design, Data Elicitation, Interpretation and Presentation and Financial Risk Management

  • Defining risk – generally, and in a project management setting
  • Relating risk management to projects and project management
  • Financial risk management and project 66management
  • Risk exposure in a project setting
  • Project risk and ‘Market Dynamics’
  • Liquidity in project management
  • Operating risk and financial liability
  • Fraud risk and project management
  • Link settlement risk with ‘survival imperative’
  • Project management strategy and risk management
  • Currency derivatives market and ‘project sustainability’

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