Alert Self defence

Alert Self defence


CRB clear, blackbelt Instructor Dale Whylde has studied and trained various martial arts, he is a highly trained ex serviceman.
He also has studied the psychology behind actual violence and methods to stay focused in these situations.
This information and his practical skills have been condensed into an easy to learn but highly effective self defence course that can be tailored to your personal needs.
If you want a short 2 hour session or maybe need more help then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dale will only train you at your venue, he will supply all the equipment needed.
Dale will even train you at your home if you wish and of course, discretion comes without saying.

Teachers and trainers (2)

Dale  Whylde
Dale Whylde
Senior instructor

Reece Whylde
Reece Whylde
Junior Instructor

Advantages of studying here

A.S.D is a self defence program that has its roots from both military and martial arts.
A.S.D is not a sport; your attacker will not play by the rules.
You must be quick and affective, to insure you can get away as safely as possible. You cannot hope for compassion or moderation.
A.S.D is used for real-life situations.
A.S.D Will help you find your inner strength and call on it when needed.
A.S.D travels to you; we offer One-to-One or group self-defence training to provide you with the abilities to overcome dangerous situations that modern society brings.

· Recognition of dangerous or violent situations
· Bullies at school
· Domestic violence
· Muggers
· Stalkers
· Street violence
  And more…

Do you have a child who is having trouble being bullied? Why not help them by contacting us; we can help by giving them confidence and abilities to get out of a situation. Your child will no longer be a target for bullies and if needed, they will have the ability to quickly deal with any violence.