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XS Training has created the first-ever Online AM2 Preparation Course.

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If you’re preparing to take your AM2 Practical Assessment this course is endorsed by XS Training Limited and promoted on Emagister, is the right choice for you!

It’s a big investment in your time as well as money and the culmination of a lot of work beforehand over many months, or maybe even years.

For this reason AM2 Preparation & Revision Courses – taken over 1 or 2 days just before the exam at an onsite training centre – are increasingly popular. Although they undoubtedly increase confidence when going into the exam and have a statistically higher pass rate, they are not always as effective as they could be for all candidates as everything is ‘crammed in’ at the last minute.

Wanting to provide an alternative to the limited options currently available XS Training has created the first-ever Online AM2 Preparation Course.

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Start date

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About this course

Candidates who are ready to take the AM2, AM2E or AM2S practical assessment.

This is a convenient, cost-effective online alternative to a course at an onsite training centre which usually runs for a duration of 1-2 days immediately before your AM2 exam.

* Accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
* Mobile and Tablet device friendly
* Saves on the loss of earnings from taking days off to attend a training centre
* Most course topics are presented in High Definition video
* Work through the course at your own pace and at times convenient to you
* Go back through any areas that you’re not so sure of as many times as you need
* Includes revision tests and a full practice test to ensure you are ready for the exam
* More chance to absorb the information because you’re not trying to cram in everything in the day before your exam
* Can even be accessed on the morning of exam & in breaks when phone usage is not forbidden.

If you have any questions then please get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you purchase the course then it will be available for yiu begin immediately.

There are two different options available for the AM2 Preparation Course – the only difference being the access period.

Option 1: Accessible For 12 Months From Day of Purchase – £200 + VAT

Option 2: Accessible For 14 Days From Day of Purchase – £125 + VAT

(With Option 2 we recommend booking your AM2 Exam before purchasing the course).

AM2 is the assessment of competence for the NVQ 2357 & NVQ 2356-99 qualifications, the latter of which closed to new registrations on 30th November 2020 – with completion due within 3 years of registration.

AM2S is the end-point assessment for the new NVQ 5357 apprenticeship standard (Trailblazer). It should not be used for anyone on the old apprenticeship framework or undertaking the Mature Candidate Assessment.

AM2S is not available as a stand-alone assessment outside of the apprenticeship. It will only be recognised by the JIB for an ECS card when taken as part of an industry apprenticeship.

AM2E is the new practical assessment for those undertaking the new NVQ 2346-03 Experienced Worker Assessment and is the same as the AM2S in that it includes installation of containment (conduit) during this assessment.

The AM2S & AM2E largely follow the same format as the AM2, but with two additional tasks under the Installation section:

1. Candidate to install a piece of metal conduit with a bend and a set to a box they fix to a set measurement.

2. Candidate to install a piece of PVC conduit between 2 fixed points with a bend and a set over a pre-fixed obstacle.

The candidate then has to wire circuits through these pieces of conduit. An extra 1.5hrs is allowed to complete these tasks (10 hrs v 8.5 hrs for the AM2).

AM2 – the AM2 checklist must be signed by the candidate, their employer and training provider and submitted to NET before an assessment can be booked.

Once authorised, an assessment can be booked with your chosen centre using the online booking system.

AM2S – the following gateway checks are in place before a candidate can be booked for their assessment:
– Submission of AM2S/AM2E checklist signed by candidate, employer and training provider
– Certificated evidence of Level 2 achievement in Maths and English
– Certificated evidence of achievement of the trailblazer qualification – EAL 601/7345/2 or City & Guilds 601/6299/5 (5357)

As part of the gateway check the employer must sign that the required behaviours have been consistently demonstrated by the candidate.

A contract for delivery of the end-point assessment must be in place between NET and the training provider.

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David Alexis


Course programme

AM2 Preparation Course Content Overview:Section A1 – AM2 OverviewSection A1 – Safe IsolationSection A – InstallationSection B – Inspection & TestingSection C+C1 – Fault FindingAM2-SCommon ErrorsSection D – Multi Choice Exam
Section A1 – AM2 Overview:IntroductionSections & Circuit DescriptionsRisk AssessmentSection A1 – Safe Isolation:Safe Isolation
Section A – Installation:Ring Final 1st FixRing Final ConnectionsExternal Socket Wiring OptionsLighting 1st Fix1st Switch – 2 Way ConnectionsIntermediate Connections2nd Switch – 2 Way ConnectionsSY GlandingSY InstallD.O.L. Control ConnectionsD.O.L. Overload SettingsSWA GlandingSWA Install16A Commando Socket ConnectionsSWA Glanding OptionsBonding InstallationBonding TerminationsFP200 1st FixFP200 ConnectionsHeating/Hot Water OverviewHeating/Hot Water InstallationHeating/Hot Water ConnectionsData InstallationData ConnectionsDB 2nd Fix
Section B – Inspection & Testing:Continuity of Protective Conductors Final Ring ContinuityInsulation ResistancePolarity (Dead & Live)Ze v PFCZsRCD TestPhase Sequence TestElectrical Installation CertificateSection C+C1 – Fault Finding:Safe Isolation And General Fault FindingFault Finding Bonding ConductorFault Finding FP200Fault Finding LightingFault Finding Ring MainFault Finding Motor CircuitFault Finding DataFault Finding Heating
Section D – Multi Choice Exam:Revision Test Health & SafetyRevision Test Building RegulationsRevision Test BS7671 Wiring RegulationsAM2 Online Test

AM2 Preparation Training

£ 125 + VAT