APO Training

APO Training


APO Training is an accredited training provider specialising in procurement, management and business skills.

Our mission is to help improve business efficiency through delivering high quality and relevant vocational training to staff operating at all levels.

We aim to provide first class support to all of our clients from every sector type both in the UK and internationally.

We offer a range of accredited qualifications and short courses and can design bespoke courses to meet any specific business requirements. Our courses include: –

Diplomas in Procurement
Diplomas in Management
Short training courses in a range of subjects
E-Learning Management courses
Certificated CPD Awards

Top courses

  • NVQ
  • Online
  • Different dates available
  • 12 Months

...and Supply comes with great flexibility in the timing and management of your programme These qualifications are typically suitable for trainee buyers... Learn about: Procurement Management, Purchasing management, Supply Chain Management... More

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Jason Weatherall
Jason Weatherall

Mark Tserkezie
Mark Tserkezie
Managing Director