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Architecture and Urban Planning BA Honours (K190)

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This degree offers a lively and thought-provoking introduction to important ideas about architecture and cities.


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  • Planning
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  • Urban Planning
  • Skills and Training
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Course programme

Course Details

Our degrees are divided into stages. Each stage lasts for an academic year and you need to complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each stage.

Please be aware that programme modules do change and therefore may differ for your year of entry.

Stage 1 Compulsory modules
  • TCP1025 Social Worlds
  • ARC1007 Architectural Design 1.1
  • ARC1013 Architectural Technology 1.1
  • TCP1014 Planning Processes
  • APL1001 Alternative Practice: Histories
  • ARC1015 Introduction to Architecture
Optional modules

You choose one of the following modules:

  • ARC1014 Architectural Technology 1.2
  • TCP1019 Economics of Development I
  • TCP1020 Environment and Sustainability
Transfer opportunity

After completion of Stage 1, candidates can opt to transfer to Stage 2 of either the BA Architecture (K100), BA Urban Planning (K421) or Master of Planning (K400) programmes. Candidates who wish to transfer will be assessed on individual merit. Entry to Stage 2 of K100 requires that:

  • candidates have a pre-arranged one to one portfolio meeting with the DPD and associated staff in K100 to consider eligibility for transfer
  • that ARC1014 must be selected and passed
Stage 2 Compulsory modules
  • APL2001 Alternative Practice: Theories and Practices
  • ARC2023 The Place of Houses
  • ARC2003 Twentieth Century Architecture, Heritage and Design
  • TCP2027 Research Skills
Optional modules

You choose 60 credits from the following modules:

  • APL2002 Alternative practice: European Fieldtrip
  • TCP2005 Housing Policy
  • TCP2006 Design and Neighbourhood
  • TCP2025 Researching Local Economies
  • TCP2029 The Planning Professional
  • TCP2028 Understanding Cities
  • TCP2030 Urban Poverty: A Global Perspective
  • SOC2082 Politics of the Arts
  • NCL2007 Career Development for second-year students
  • NCL2100 Developing Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability
  • NCL2010 Career Management Module
Stage 3 Compulsory modules
  • APL3003 Dissertation or
  • TCP3099 Dissertation
Optional modules

You choose 80 credits normally selected from the following list:

  • TCP3049 Skills for Strategies
  • TCP3055 Erasmus exchange
  • APL3001 Alternative Practice: Co-Producing Space
  • TCP3052 Strategies Into Action
  • APL3002 A Home for all : housing vulnerable populations
  • TCP3053 Development Management
  • NCL3007 Career Development for final year students
  • NCL3008 Advanced Career Development
  • SOC3078 Dreamworlds: Society and the utopian imagination
  • BUS3000 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • BUS3027 Innovation and Creativity
  • ACE1000 Introduction to Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • ACE3000 Globalisation: Patterns, Processes & Challenges

Careers Architecture and Urban Planning careers

Our Architecture and Urban Planning BA Honours degree will equip you to follow a number of career paths including:

  • consultancy
  • education
  • development
  • community activism
  • global urbanism
  • property development
  • sustainability
  • surveying

Routes into our Architecture BA Honours degree, Urban Planning BA Honours degree, or Master of Planning MPlan degree are also possible, depending on performance.

Architectural education at Newcastle places a strong emphasis on developing your ability to visualise concepts and to translate your ideas in different forms to a variety of audiences. These skills have proved very attractive to employers in the creative industries and many of our former students have gone on to careers in television, film, advertising and other design-based professions.

As well as a good degree, employers are looking for transferable skills including numeracy, interpersonal skills, teamworking, initiative, decision making and computer literacy. We see these skills as an integral part of the architectural education we offer, placing graduates of both degrees in a strong position to obtain employment in numerous fields such as:

  • teaching
  • law
  • the creative industries
  • property development
  • construction management
  • planning
  • urban design
  • landscape architecture

Find out more about the career options for Architecture from Prospects: The UK's Official Careers Website.

Architecture and Urban Planning BA Honours (K190)

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