Atikkam Academy

Atikkam Academy


Setting a global standard of excellence in the design and delivery of innovative technology-enhanced learning experiences.

The Atikkam Academy of Flexible Learning and Training offers a range of quality learning opportunites in a variety of subjects.

From the classroom to our web-based virtual learning environment, we strive to make learning effective, relevant and accessible to all.


The Atikkam Academy was developed by archaeologist and educator Dr. Mark Anderson in 2010. We are a private learning provider, offering universities, colleges and independent learners a range of carefully crafted courses in a variety of subjects.

We work with some of the best teachers and researchers in each field. In collaboration with them, we design each of our courses to reflect our commitment to quality, innovation, and our constructivist approach to effective learning.

Our courses are designed at different levels of difficulty, from entry-level introductions to graduate-level studies. Our most popular courses fall somewhere in between, offering accessible learning experiences with sufficient depth and rigour to present just the right degree of challenge with measurable learning outcomes.

These are interactive, tutor-led courses administered online via our online
virtual learning environment (VLE).

Advantages of studying here

Our courses are underpinned by sound pedagogical frameworks and rigorous academic standards. The twin pillars of our philosophy are a constructivist approach to learning design, and a belief in the potential of
technology to enhance the quality and accessibility of learning.

Constructivist learning

Within a constructivist perspective, the ultimate goal of learning is to nurture deep understanding. Learners actively construct new knowledge through collaborative activities and dialogue, and by developing and testing hypotheses. Therefore, learning must be activity-centred, problem-oriented and facilitated within an interactive environment.

Technology-enhanced learning

When infused within a carefully-designed pedagogical framework, computer and internet-based learning technologies can significantly enhance the learning experience. Wider access to learning and greater student control over the time, place and pace of study are major advantages. Even more significant are the enhanced capabilities for sharing learning materials, incorporating multimedia content, and facilitating quality interaction between learner and teacher.

To implement these approaches, Atikkam courses are administered on an internet-based virtual learning environment. The VLE provides 24-hour access to multimedia course materials, and facilitates a wide range of interactive learning activities, dialogue and academic support.

At Atikkam we are continually exploring advances in learning technologies, and developing our own unique and innovative applications. Please ask for our latest prospectus, in which we describe some of the techniques we use to achieve meaningful and measurable learning outcomes.

Areas of specialisation

From our initial subject focus on Cultural Heritage, Zoology and the Natural World, we will be expanding the range of our courses during 2011 to include the Arts, Sciences, Business Studies and Law.