ATSF is an Interactive Media Consultancy Company that works in the interactive media industry. It has many functions including offering specialist training courses for interactive media personnel. The courses are based on the successful textbook, 'Managing Interactive Media: Project Management for Web and Digital Media', 4th edition, Addison-Wesley, that was written by ATSF directors.


Leaders in the emerging field of digital media, ATSF, has offered consultancy nationally and internationally for governments and private companies. Its award-winning staff are professional and talented. The company allows their staff to follow their creative drive into new areas. As a result, the company is constantly evolving.

Advantages of studying here

* courses are developed by a well-qualified/experienced training and development specialist
*seasoned professionals present and write the courses
* the company is well-established in the field of interactive media
* the company is internationally recognised
* certificates are awarded for successful course completion

Areas of specialisation

*Interactive Media Project Management
*Interactive Media: Team Management
*Interactive Media: Stakeholder Management
*Interactive Media: Making the Business Case