AutoCAD 2D & 3D


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    6 Weeks


To gain knowledge and skills in operating AutoCAD 2D & 3D.
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Castlewood House 77-91 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DG


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Course programme

AutoCAD 2D & 3D

Course Content

Creating a Simple Drawing

Getting Started with AutoCAD

  • Starting AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD’s Screen Layout
  • Command Line & Using the Keyboard
  • Using Your Pointing Device
  • Opening an Existing Drawing File
  • AutoCAD’s Cartesian Workspace
  • Self Check: Getting Started with AutoCAD

Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

  • Drawing Lines
  • Erasing Objects
  • Drawing Lines with Direct Distance Entry and Polar Tracking
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Circles
  • Drawing with GRID and SNAP
  • Viewing Your Drawing
  • Undoing and Redoing Actions
  • Saving Your Work
  • Exiting AutoCAD
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

Making Your Drawings More Precise

Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

  • Using Object Snap
  • Object Snap Overrides
  • Polar Tracking Settings
  • Object Snap Tracking
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Drawing Precision

Making Changes in Your Drawing

  • Selecting Objects for Editing
  • Moving Objects
  • Copying Objects
  • Rotating Objects
  • Scaling Objects
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Making Changes to Your Drawing

Drawing Organization and Information

Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

  • Creating New Drawings
  • What are Layers?
  • Layer State
  • Changing an Object Layer
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

Two More Object Types

  • Drawing Arcs
  • Polylines
  • Converting Polylines to Lines & Arcs
  • Converting Lines and Arcs to Polylines
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Two More Object Types

Getting Information from Your Drawing

  • Measuring a Distance
  • Measuring an Area
  • Information about Objects
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Getting Information from Your Drawing

Creating More Complex Objects

Advanced Editing Commands

  • Trim
  • Extend
  • Stretch
  • Fillet
  • Chamfer
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Advanced Editing Commands

Duplication Commands

  • Offsetting Objects
  • Mirroring Objects
  • Creating Arrays of Objects
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Duplication Commands

Inserting Blocks

  • What are Blocks?
  • Inserting Blocks from Tool Palettes
  • Inserting Blocks with INSERT
  • Self Check: Inserting Blocks

Preparing to Print

Setting Up a Layout

  • Printing Concepts
  • Working in Layouts
  • Creating a New Layout
  • Guidelines for Layouts
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Setting Up a Layout

Printing Your Drawing

  • PLOT Command
  • Plot Settings
  • Plot Preview
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Printing Your Drawing

Annotating Your Drawing


  • Adding Multiline Text
  • Formatting Multiline Tex
  • Editing Multiline Text
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Text


  • Hatching
  • Editing the Hatch Pattern
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Hatching

Adding Dimensions

  • Dimensioning Concepts
  • Adding Single Dimensions
  • Other Dimension Tools
  • Quick Dimension (Optional)
  • Adding Leaders
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Selecting a Dimension Style
  • Command Summary
  • Self Check: Adding Dimensions

Drawing in Three Dimension (3D)

Specifying 3D Coordinates

  • Working in a 3D Environment
  • Using 3D Coordinate
  • Using Elevation and Thickness
  • Working with the user coordinate Systems

Viewing 3D Drawings

  • Working with the Standard Viewpoints
  • Using DDVPOINT
  • Creating a Named View with Camera
  • Adding a Background to a Named View
  • Working with Tripod and Compass
  • Displaying a Quick Plan View
  • Working with Visual Style
  • Displaying Parallel ans Perspective Projections
  • Using 3D Orbit
  • Using Tiled Vieports
  • Using Dview to Create a Perspective View
  • Laying Out 3D drawings

Creating 3D Surface

  • Coverting Objects to Surfaces
  • Drawing Surfaces with with 3DFACE
  • Drawing Surfaces with with PFACE
  • Creating Plane Surface
  • Creating Polygon Meshes with 3DMESH
  • Drawing Standard 3D Shapes
  • Drawing Revolved Surfaces
  • Drawing an Extruded Surface
  • Drawing Surfaces Between 3D Objects
  • Drawing Edged Surfaces
  • Working with Multiple types of 3D Objects

Creating Slides and Editing in 3D

  • Drawing Basic Shapes
  • Creating Entruded Solids
  • Drawing Swept Solids
  • Drawing Revolved Solids
  • Drawing Lofted Solids
  • Drawing Polyline-Like Solids
  • Creating complex Solids
  • Sectioning and Slicing Solids
  • Using Editing Commands in 3D
  • Using the SOLIDEDIT Command
  • Listing Solid Properties

Rendering in 3D

  • Understanding Rendering
  • Creating Lights
  • Customising Toolbar
  • Customising Tool Palettes

Creating Macros and Slide shows with Script Files

  • Creating Macros with Script Files
  • Creating Slide Shows
  • Creating Slide Libraries

Creating Shapes and Fonts

  • Creating Shapes
  • Creating Fonts

Customising Menues

  • Working with the Customisation Files
  • Customising a Menu


9.30-1.30pm 6 Weeks (Sat)

AutoCAD 2D & 3D

£ 590 + VAT