Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki Training & Workshops.

I like to make everyone welcome and relaxed in my home and in my restful Reiki treatment room. I believe that when we are relaxed we absorb information and learn more easily. The atmosphere is comfortable, light, & nurturing. I work on a one to one basis, although I will consider small groups. Receiving the wonderful gift of Reiki is part of Level One training - you will then be able to treat yourself, give Reiki to your loved ones, and even your pets! Your needs are individual, but Reiki can fit in with you life whoever you are and whatever you do.

Teachers and trainers (1)

Sally  Richards
Sally Richards
Reiki Master & Teacher UKRF MTM

Advantages of studying here

My Teaching Approach:

My style is relaxed and approachable, professional and thorough.
Courses are as accessible as possible for all students.
I provide one to one training - giving individual tuition creating a special, personalised, experience, but with opportunity to practice full Reiki treatments, within the training days.
Small groups considered - maximum of three students at one time.
No note taking is required! (great isn't it!) the Reiki oral tradition is: listening, learning and applying what you learn/are shown.
Full, comprehensive, Reiki manuals to accompany each level. So -
You don't have to remember everything! (great for those of us with not so perfect memories!)
I ensure courses are comprehensive but straightforward and not overly complicated with 'add-ons' etc.
My Support is given following all training - email, phone and in person.