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      Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments (Game Design)

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      Typology Bachelor's degree
      Location Brisbane (Australia)
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      • Bachelor's degree
      • Brisbane (Australia)
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        Different dates available

      Choose your career path in this multibillion dollar industry. This degree allows the development of creative skills ranging from the technical to the artistic. You will gain experience in the whole process of game and interactive media development, from identification and evaluation of ideas, creation of design concepts, critique of existing and potential products, analysis of cultural impact and industry trends, through to the development and delivery of a final product.
      You will learn about the games and interactive environments industries through interacting with industry members, reviewing the development process of games and related products, participating in class discussions and studying industry literature. You will discover visualisation, interaction and communication techniques as applied to games and interactive media. A strong foundation in both entertainment technology and creative skills is complemented with options in games programming, including graphics programming and game artificial intelligence. You will be introduced to generic programming concepts and problem-solving strategies, team work, and the ethical and social responsibilities of an interactive media professional.
      Given the growth in small, independent game development worldwide you'll be introduced the ideas of game development entrepreneurship from your first year of studies. You'll gain the knowledge and skills related to succeeding as an independent game developer. In your major capstone experience you'll work as part of a team to develop and publish your own game.
      Why choose this course?
      The Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments (Game Design) gives you the opportunity to join the growing industry of digital environments and electronic games by acquiring expertise in the development of computer games and other forms of interactive media. The course has a strong foundation in information technology, design and creative thinking.
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      Queensland, Australia
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      Starts Different dates available
      Queensland, Australia
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      · Requirements

      Entry requirements Guide to entry cut-offs OP 11 Rank 76 Don't have an OP or rank? Assumed knowledge Before you start this course we assume you have sound knowledge in these areas: Maths A, B or C English We assume that you have knowledge equivalent to four semesters at high school level (Years 11 and 12) with sound achievement (4, SA). More about assumed knowledge Did you get an OP 1-5? If you receive an OP 1-5 or equivalent, you're guaranteed an offer for this course in the major offer round.

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      Units Download course structures and unit outlines for Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments (Game Design) Requirements for the completion of IN05 Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments (Study Area A) are as follows: 72 credit points (6 units) of games and interactive environments core units, which includes 24 credit points (2 units) of option units* selected from an approved list. 120 credit points (10 units) of Major core units 96 credit points of complementary studies comprising of either a second major; or two minors (4 unit set each); or one minor (4 unit set) plus 48 credit points of elective units. * Unit options list - comprises a range of units from which you choose to undertake two (2). The core option choices provide you with space in your course to explore other fields such as within Games and Interactive Environment, Information Technology. These units can be used to complement your Major studies or, explore which areas you may choose for your complementary studies. All course structures Game Design Full-Time Course StructureGames & Interactive Environments: Core Unit OptionsTechnology Innovation and Design Second Major unit set (IN01SMJ-TECINDC)**BGIE Depth Block - Minors List**Screen Production Minor unit set (IN05MNR-SCRPROD)Scriptwriting for Interactive Environments Minor unit set (KKBXMNR-SCRWRIT)Software Technologies Minor unit set (IN05MNR-SOFTECH)Virtual Production Minor unit set (IN05MNR-VIRPROD)Graphic Design Minor (KKBXMNR-GRPHDES) Entrepreneurship Minor (BSBXMNR-ENTREP) Interactive and Visual Design (IVD) Minor (KKBXMNR-INVISDN)Marketing Minor (BSBXMNR-MARKET) Mathematics Minor (MSBXMNR-MATHS) Sound Design Minor (KKBXMNR-SOUNDES) **BGIE Breadth Block - Minors List**Indigenous Knowledges Minor (OUBXMNR-INDKNOW)University Wide Minor optionsLanguage Minor options

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