Balingua offers boosting language online training for: * beginners who want to go fast (+/- 20 hours) to start their language training * people who want to (re)activate their oral knowledge of a language (+/- 20 hours). Balingua course focuses on structures and pronunciation. They must be completed by any other learning method!


René Bastin, creator of Balingua, has a PhD in Linguistics and a 40 year experience in teaching second languages and in writing language learning methods.

He is the founder of the CERAN centres, residential centres for learning languages in complete immersion -which are a reference in this domain:

Balingua answers to two questions:
* how can a learner start QUICK to speak a language?
* why a learner with a school language experience is generally unable to speak?

Advantages of studying here


To be boosted at the very beginning of the learning language process.
To (re)activate oral knowledge of a language previously studied or spoken.

Count +/- 20 hours for each possibility.

Balingua course focuses on two aspects: structures and pronunciation.

Areas of specialisation

General course, no specialty area.