Beautiful Results with the IPS InLine ceramic system

In Leicester

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Leicester (Leicestershire)
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Compass Building. Feldspar Close. Enderby, LE19 4SD


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Course programme


This two-day course held at our facilities in Leicester will explore in detail the most effective procedures for achieving beautiful results with the IPS InLine ceramic system.


At the beginning, the course will show correct alloy preparation and opaque application. This course will focus on two central incisor units and include the use of margin ceramic. Throughout the remainder of the programme, each participant will gain further knowledge of IPS InLine and all of its components.

In order to match more complex shade requirements, we will also cover the use of Deep Dentine materials and Impulse colours. Furthermore, surface texture, characterisation, glazing and polishing techniques will also be covered.

Suitable for both less experienced ceramists and more experienced ceramists, this course is the perfect introduction to the IPS InLine system.

Aims and objectives

Understand the importance of correct framework design
Understand the importance of correct alloy framework preparation prior to ceramic application
Learn how to apply IPS InLine opaque in order to achieve sufficient masking capability and bond strength
Learn how to select and modify margin material and then apply the material accurately
Understand the correct use of deep dentine materials and their effect when matching shades
Learn the correct method of ceramic application and layering technique with IPS Inline
Explore possible uses for the impulse ceramics in order to match more complex shades
Understand the correct firing cycles with IPS InLine
Learn how to apply realistic surface texture and glaze to the fired restorations
Understand the IPS InLine system and possible uses for all its componen

Beautiful Results with the IPS InLine ceramic system

Price on request