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Become a professional beauty techician!

Have you always wanted to start a career in the beauty industry? Our accredited Beauty Technician course is ideal for anyone who is starting out in the beauty industry or anyone who wants to upgrade the skills they already have.

Solid foundation of excellent skills

This course comprises of 150 hours of expert content written by top hair and nail stylists and make-up artists, it covers 110 topics over 28 modules, this ultimate course is exactly what you need to boost your CV and begin your beauty career. Learn from the basics up to advanced skills and techniques in make-up artistry, hair styling and nail artistry. Unlock the hits and tips from the experts and develop your passion into an rewarding career.

Clear pictures & detailed video tutorials

Throughout the course, you’ll feel in expert hands with lots of pictures clearly showing all the tools you need, the steps to skills and techniques and also over 40 detailed video tutorials.



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Start date

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About this course

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn about:

How to professionally apply foundation, correction, concealer, cheek colour, lip colour, eyebrow definition, shades to suit skin types, tones, ages and ethnic groups.
How to apply make up for day, evening and to create different looks - glamour, wedding, classic, natural, dramatic and subtle, suiting current fashions.
How to adapt a daytime look to an evening one for busy professionals.
Inside tips and tricks on techniques like washing, straightening, curling and drying.
How to suit hair colour and styles to individual face shapes and skin tones.
How to create special styles for occasions and create many looks with one cut.
Upstyles – past trends that are the basis of many modern looks + the latest up to date styles.
Extensions – different types and step by step techniques for applying and removing.
How to apply shellac nails
Step by step guide for sculpted gel nails
Nail artistry techniques and designs
How to give a good manicure and pedicure

Fully accredited by ICOES (International Council for Online Educational Standards).

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Teaching Staff


Course programme

Module 1 : Skin Types: new
Normal skin
Mixed/combination skin
Dry skin
Oily skin
Sensitive skin
What is your skin type?
Make up removal Skin care

Module 2 : Corrections: new
Light and dark shade correction techniques for different face shapes
Round face
Elongated face
Square face
Rectangular face
Triangular face
Tips and tricks

Module 3 : Tools: new
Introduction to tools
Brushes with natural hair and brushes with synthetic hair
Different types of brushes

Module 4 : Foundations and Corrections: new
Types of textures

Module 5 : Colour : new
Introduction Eye colour
Shades in skin type
Hair tones

Module 6 : Eye Make Up: new
Applying eye Make up

Module 7 : Make Up for Eyebrows: new
Eyebrows in general
Corrections for eyebrows
Eyebrow make up - video tutorial

Module 8 : Lip Make Up: new
Types of Lip Products
Lip types

Module 9 : Types of Make Up: new
Make up for daytime
Make up for afternoon
Make for night time or parties
Smoky eyes
Nude make up
Bridal Makeup
Make up for the groom

Module 10 : False eyelashes and eyelash extensions
Types of false lashes
Practical use of false lashes
Attaching false eyelashes
Removing false eyelashes
Introduction to eyelash extensions
Kit required for eyelash extensions
Step-by-step attachment of extensions
Customer tips
Maintenance sessions

Module 11 : Make up for different ages: new
Women in their 20s
Women in their 30s
Women in their 40s
Women in their 50s
Women in their 60s
Make up mistakes that can be ageing

Module 12 : Health and safety: new
Cleaning and hygiene
Make provision
Good work practices; prevention of infection and contagion

Module 13 : Creating your make up kit: new
Introduction Personal make up kit
The basic professional kit
The complete professional kit

Module 14 : General care of hands
Skin Types Creams and suitable products
Exercises for hands
Nail disorders

Module 15 : Manicure
The steps to a good manicure
Hand massage

Module 16 : Pedicure
Steps to a good pedicure
Foot Massage

Module 17 : Nail Art
Types of nail polish
Tools you need and how to add decorations
Examples of decoration choices
Products on the market

Gel Nails
Step by step instructions for sculpted gel nails with French manicure
Maintaining and filling
Shellac Style Nails
Steps for applying Shellac

Module 19 : A close look at hair
The structure of hair
The scalp
The history of hair
Different types of hair

Module 20 : How to treat hair
Hair products
Hair and scalp analysis
Avoiding mistakes and damage

Module 21 : Hair color and hair shape
Which shades enhance which skin type & which colours don’t work
Which shape/style of hair suits which face shape

Module 22 : How to wash hair professionally
The benefits of scalp massage
Hair treatments
Expert tips
How to professionally wash hair - video tutorial

Module 23 : Tools
Blow drying equipment
Different types of tools

Module 24 : Styling
How to add volume - video tutorial
Creating curls with rollers - video tutorial
Enhancing curls with a diffuser - video tutorial
How to straighten hair - video tutorial
Sculpting hair with finger technique and wax - video tutorial

Module 25 : Men\'s hair
Is men’s hair different?
Applying Gel - video tutorial
Applying Wax - video tutorial

Module 26 : Upstyling
Brief history of upstyling
Essential tools for upstyling
Preparation of hair for upstyling and braiding
Selection of upstyles
Techniques for creating upstyles
Fillers and hairpieces
Upstyles, step by step

Module 27 : Extensions
Practical application of extensions
Removable or Clip Extensions
Keratin Extensions
Micro Ring Extensions

Module 28 : Hairstyles
Short pixie cut
Short structured style
Androgynous style
Shoulder length hair, no fringe
Round bob with feathery contours and side parting
Long hair, layered or without layers

Beauty Technician

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