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Do you want to start trading? Do you want to learn how to do it?
Emagister presents to you the Beginner Trading Course endorsed by Trading from Zero.
In this course you will see how the financial sector works; the differences between managing your money through third parties or by yourself; and how to operate in the stock market, so ultimately you are able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.
- 10 theoretical classes broadcasted live
- Live question and answer sessions after each class
- Personalized tutorials to answer questions with teachers via telephone and email
- Additional downloadable material with lifetime access
- Evaluation test + certificate with the final grade
- Platform adapted to all mobile devices, computers and tablets.
Start your path in this incredible journey! If you want to learn more information about this course do not hesitate to contact Trading From Zero through

About this course

The objective of this course is to provide students an opportunity to build a foundation in financial markets; including how they work as well as the different ways one can operate in them. By the end of the course, students should have strong base knowledge in executing trades, utilizing various strategies, analysis methods and monetary management techniques related to financial markets.

Anyone with an interest in learning about trading, financial markets, investing or similar

English language, internet connection

Certification of Completion

The main distinguishing factors for our beginner trading course are the inclusion of live classes with student interaction, live trading rooms, and continuous student support. As a result of these features, students are able to interact directly with the professor in class, see firsthand how our traders operate in real time via our trading room sessions, and recieve weekly check-ups from our tutors to resolve any doubts and ensure smooth progress throughout the course.

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Course programme

Lecture 1: Financial Markets

Why they were created, what agents can be found in them, characteristics of today's markets & types of assets available

Lecture 2: Ways of Operating in the Markets

Operating long and short, CFDs, leverage, operations with lots, working with demo platform

Lecture 3: Technical Analysis 1

Platform configuration, graph analysis, Japanese candles, entry and exit orders

Lecture 4: Technical Analysis 2

Supports, resistances, channels, triangles, breakouts, gaps

Lecture 5: Technical Analysis 3

ATR, moving averages, Fibonacci, oscillators, RSI, MACD

Lecture 6: Intraday Trading

Opening and closing operations within short time periods, strategies

Lecture 7: Swing Trading

Advantages and disadvantages, examples and application

Lecture 8: Monetary & Risk Management

Diversification and importance of managing risk, application of stop losses, volatility

Lecture 9: Cryptocurrencies

History and function of cryptocurrencies, risks and market capitalization

Lecture 10: Trading Macroeconomic Events

How to trade the news, pros & cons, reading & interpreting the economic calendar

Additional information

Trading From Zero - Online Trading Course:

Based in Madrid, Spain, Trading From Zero breaks the established moulds of traditional training in financial markets. With over 30,000 successful graduates, we pride ourselves in preparing all of our students to enter the market and find success in the world of trading. In our online trading school, we combine theoretical training with real-time trading sessions with our team of professional traders. The objective is to show how we apply in a practical way, the lessons we teach during our online trading course for beginners. This forces our team to be updated in knowledge and operations, which means that our training to invest in the stock market, as well as the trading room sessions and the trading signals channel are up to date and maintain a high level of operation and quality.

Beginner Trading Course

£ 251.27 VAT exempt

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

295 €