Bespoke Sales Training

Bespoke Sales Training


I look at your products or services, how you present them, and then together we construct a sales process in which you are comfortable and at your most effective.
Sales training to help you find your style and your words to sell your products to your clients.
As well as looking at the sales process we look at sales psychology and why people buy.
We can show you how to be persuasive not pushy, how to leave with your prospects wanting to see you again.


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I give a money back guarantee - I you think I fail to deliver!

Advantages of studying here

This course is ideal for those new to business or sales.
You will be taught a process and techniques, but more importantly, how YOU are going to use them.
A small class size one day course 10.30 -16.00.
You will enjoy the day and learn much. You will have the opportunity to be personally mentored by your tutor
This course is interactive. You will be given the tools to drive your business forward. You will feel confident and enthusiastic about sales and your business.

Areas of specialisation

Words - creating mental pictures - creating a powerful image of your product or service.
Body language - unspoken messages - how to be confident.
How to engage and fascinate your prospects, How to be in control.