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In Stourbridge

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    Vocational qualification

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  • Duration

    2 Years



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Stourbridge (West Midlands)

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Course programme

The AS course in year 12 consists of two taught modules; biology module 1 covers cell structure, basic biochemistry, the heart, transport in plants & animals and exercise. Module 1 for human biology studies biochemistry, blood & circulation and lung function. Unit two in human biology focuses on human development & health & disease, while in biology the unit covers food, health , biodiversity & evolution. An additional practical skills module is taken by biology and human biology students and accounts for 20% of the final AS marks.

In year 13, the A2 course includes the study of homeostasis, biotechnology & ecology for biologists, while human biologists study reproduction, genetics & human physiology. Practical coursework is again assessed and counts for 10% of the final A2 marks in both subjects.

Good GCSE grades (As or Bs) in science with a strong chemistry and maths background are essential for entry to both courses.

A good grade in biology or human biology, in conjunction with the correct choice of other A-levels, allows access to a wide range of careers such as medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, nursing, horticulture, teaching, fisheries, conservation work, etc.


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