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AS Level: Grade BB in science and grade C in maths at GCSE A2 Level: Grade E or above in AS level

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Course programme

AS Biology
Level: AS/A2

Awarding Body: OCR BIOLOGY AS HO21/BIOLOGY A2 H421

Course Content:
AS Level:

Unit 1:
Cells, Exchange and Transport - the study of cell structure, cell transport, cell division and exchange and transport in plants and animals

Unit 2:
Molecules, Biodiversity, Food and Health - the study of biological molecules, including enzymes, and the study of diet and food production, biodiversity and classification

Unit 3:
There will also be an assessed practical element that is worth 20% of the total marks of the final grade

A2 Level:

Unit 4:
Communication, Homeostasis and Energy - the study of hormonal and nervous
communication in humans, the role of the kidney and lungs in the excretion of waste materials, photosynthesis and respiration.

Unit 5:
Control, Genomes and the Environment - the study of cellular control, biotechnology and gene technologies, ecosystems and sustainability and how organisms respond to their environment.

Unit 6:
There will also be an assessed practical element that is worth 10% of the total marks of the final grade

Teaching Learning Methods:
Lessons consist of formal teaching, questions, discussions, seminars on topics of particular interest and practical work, which is done individually or in small groups. Homework includes reading, doing past exam questions and writing up practical work.

Workshops in the biology labs provide the opportunity for individual study and consultation with staff. A variety of study aids are available in theses sessions to improve understanding and exam performance. There will be particular emphasis on synoptic understanding in the second year of the course.

For AS level you will take three module exams as well as an internally assessed practical component.

For A2 level you will take a further three module exams and a second internally assessed practical component:

AS - Module 1 - Exam - 1h - 30% (AS) - 15% (A2)
AS - Module 2 - Exam - 1h - 30% (AS) - 15% (A2)
AS - Module 3 - Exam - 45 min - 20% (AS) - 10% (A2)
AS - Practical - Teacher Assessed - 20% (AS) - 10% (A2)

A2 - Module 4 - Exam - 1h 30min - 15%
A2 - Module 5 - Exam - 1h 30min - 15%
A2 - Synoptic - Exam - 1h 15min - 10%
A2 - Practical - Teacher Assessed - 10%

Module exams can be taken in January or June (there will be no exams taken in January of year 12).

The synoptic exam for A2 involves the drawing together of knowledge, understanding and skills learned in the different parts of the course.

Skills & Commitment:
Students will build on their GCSE skills and learn many others. Above all students need to be keen and interested in Biology. Attendance at various extra curricular lectures and trips is encouraged to broaden knowledge. Homework is set regularly and students are expected to spend at least 5 hours per week on Biology outside lesson time.

You may be required to contribute to the cost of travel on trips. You will be recommended to buy module specific texts although these are also available in the college library. Some revision materials are available at a small cost. There is a field trip for A2 students the cost of which will be approximately £70.

A2 level Biology together with one other science is needed for most university Biology related courses, for example, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Marine Biology. Good Subject combinations are Biology with Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography or PE. For Medicine, Dentistry and Physiotherapy very good GCSE grades are needed plus biology and chemistry A2 levels. For Nursing AS or A2 Biology is desirable.

AS Biology

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