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BLS Plus Ltd are an Edexcel, HSE and Military ELC accredited First Aid course provider. All of our trainers are practising clinicians, ensuring we provide the highest quality of training by staff who practice what they teach on a daily basis. We offer all of the standard first aid courses but can also tailor course content to suit your organisations needs ( for example our FPOS with Trauma course designed for the military and emergency services ).

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...The course is designed to develop the skills required to take initial action when dealing with medical emergencies which may occur in the workplace. Course review... Learn about: First Aid, Training First Aid, Emergency medicine... More

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Due to numerous requests from local businesses for good quality training provided by skilled staff, BLS Plus Ltd were formed in 2006 by three practising medical professionals and a business manager .

We have been operating for over three years and have trained diverse sectors ( public, private, government and military ). Customers range from nurseries and schools to prisons to international investment banks and operational military units.

We always treat each enquiry individually and ensure all courses are designed to meet our customers requirements.

In 2010 BLS Plus Ltd are expanding into a new training facility which offer 1/3 total space dedicated for practical exercises and 2/3 for classroom training. This reinforces our belief that training should be engaging and performed in scenarios which reflect real life.

Advantages of studying here

All of our trainers are practising medical professionals.
Any questions related to the course or the implementation of what is being trained can be answered by trainers who put into practice everything they teach on a daily basis.
Our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging (rather than simple powerpoint presentations ) to ensure students retain more knowledge.

Areas of specialisation

All first aid related subjects.
We provide bespoke courses including advanced trauma for Military, emergency service or SIA sectors.
We can train internationally including hostile environments.