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Box Making

David Savage - Fine Furniture Maker


In Shebbear, Beaworthy ()

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    1 Week


You will make from pre-prepared materials a small dovetailed jewellery box. You will learn to use marking guages and cutting guages to mark out joints. Once marked out you will learn to use and to set up and sharpen a small European dovetail saw.
Suitable for: Students who have already mastered sharpening and the basic skills with planes and chisels.

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Course programme

Box Making Course

Develop and Extend the Skills use Similar Tools with more Control

The skills in these week courses are cumulative they build upon one another. To attempt a good box without having done the previous courses would be a very hard and high risk strategy.

Sawing straight requires understanding and skill that is almost impossible to acquire without training. David will show you how to master that damn saw! Once cut out you will learn how to pare back with small sharp bench chisels and fit pins to tails.

You will learn to use Block Planes, Shoulder planes, and Side Rebate Planes. The box lid will be made with a “raise and fielding” to fit the box sides and a cedar bottom fitted with a simple rebate. All will be worked with hand tools including shoulder planes and side rebate planes. This will lead to polishing with shellac polish and finishing with wire wool and wax to a fine lustre before assembly. The lid of the box and box bottom will be then fitted and the job assembled.

Assembly and Polishing: Once assembled you will hand plane all the outside surfaces then sand and polish and separate the lid from the body of the box. The box lid will be fitted with brass butts and will close onto mitred dry liners inside the box. The aim is for a “Rolls Royce door ” sound to the closing box lid, Woomph! not Whack !!!! . If you have time you can go on and fit feet to the box and a small handle to the lid. If you are really good you may get to fit a small tray inside the box .

It would help us if you could bring a sharpened fully functioning bench plane and small sharp chisels 2mm to 10mm. Please note this course is not about tool sharpening and we expect what tools you have to be in good shape. If you do not have these tools don’t worry. We can provide sharpened tools for you.

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Payment options: A deposit of £250 is payable in advance and is only returnable should you cancel the course twelve weeks prior to the course starting date.

Box Making

Price on request