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BS in Business Law

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Important information

Typology Bachelor's degree
Methodology Distance Learning
Credits 180
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Distance Learning
  • Credits: 180

Students finish a strong selection of courses in business in addition to basic subjects of law focusing on acquiring the expertise necessary for running a modern company in a complicated and entangled legal environment. The law program aims at moving away from rote learning practices, which are still too common in law departments around the world, giving the students the necessary training and stimuli to become independent thinkers and actor.
It centers on the intersection of law, business, technology, and innovation. It is designed to embrace and meet the challenges of the economic pressures, technological advances, and globalization that have reshaped the legal market.

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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

The purpose of this course is to increase students’ proficiency in the use of information technology in their work and studies. The main focus will be on using Microsoft Excel to solve applied problems in the area of mathematics, finances and operations, as well as in general data processing. In addition to material specified in the course plan, various concepts and subjects in the field of information technology will be presented.

What you'll learn on the course

Business Law
Confidence Training
Effective Communication
Communication Skills
Coorporate law
Decision Making
Property Valuation
Strategic Planning

Course programme

1st Year
  • Information Technology
  • Confident Communication
  • Introduction to Icelandic Procedural Law
  • Research Methods
  • Law and Legal Methods I
  • Principles of Contracts
  • Fundamentals of Administrative Law
  • Accounting I
  • Law of Contractual Obligations I
  • Law and Legal Methods II
  • Labour Law
2nd Year
  • Finance I
  • Microeconomics
  • Tax Law I
  • Corporation Law
  • Competition Law
  • Property Law
  • Tax Law and Accounting
  • Law of Torts
  • Law and Legal Methods III: Statutory Interpretation and Legal Arguments
  • Accounting II
3rd Year

  • The Economy and Law
  • Innovation and Law
  • Operation, Analysis and Planning I
  • European Law I
  • Final Project – BS Thesis

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